[Olsr-dev] Hop count metric: link quality and kernel route update probelms: bug?

Dario Borriello (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 11 19:04:07 CET 2007

Hi all,I'm a new developer of olsrd 0.5.4, and as first step I'm testing the Original 0.5.4 daemon in a simple scenario composed by three nodes:A----------B----------C The node B has 2 wireless interface, A and C only one. If I use only hop count metric (LinkQuality =0) there are 2 great problems: 1) The inverse link quality that every node (A, B, C) estimates between his neighbors is 0 Example Topology Set of node A: Link Quality A->B  = 1 (correct, set to default value)Link Quality A->B  = 0 (why?????)Link Quality B->C  = 0 (why?????)Link Quality A->B  = 0 (why?????) 2) Moreover, even if the topology set is 'almost correct',  the kernel routing table of node A and C doesn't contain the entry for the 2 hop-neighbor! and so they can't ping each other! I made the same test with Link Quality Metric, and all works correctly! Can someone suggest a solution?  Thank you Dario
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