[Olsr-dev] best-originator

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Mon Dec 10 12:36:46 CET 2007


olsr needs to figure out if several routers in the olsr network
do announce a certain prefix and if so determine the closest
(= best). in your example only the olsr router with id
was announcing a prefix and since there have not been any
redundant advertisements this is considered the best announcement which
will ultimately get installed in the kernel.


Giovanni Di Stasi wrote:
> What does best-originator mean?
> Have a look at this debug message:
>, via, best-originator
> 	from, etx 2.128, metric 1, via, void, v 393
>, via, best-originator
> 	from, etx 1.147, metric 1, via, wlan1, v 393
> Thanks.

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