[Olsr-dev] RIB2 refactoring

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Sun Dec 2 15:00:08 CET 2007

hi list,

pls find attached a pointer for further CPU savings in olsrd.
even in large networks (>250 nodes) the avg. CPU utilization
does not get beyond 0.5% CPU load on standard 200Mhz WRT hardware.

patch is at http://gredler.at/download/olsrd/rib2-refactoring2.diff


- avoid the periodical rib-tree insertion

- add a FOR_ALL_HNA_RT_ENTRIES() macro for the snmp folks
    (or any parties who want to walk HNA entries).

- add an olsr_cnf option 'flat_fib_metrics' which defaults to TRUE.

   this is as per sven-olas request who has expressed concerns
   that the current flap-metric style is a bit unpleasant for troubleshooting.

   note that i have not yet added the cfg file parser routine for that -
   just the required tweaks in the change-processing FIB code.

   sven-ola can you complete this pls ?


asking for review, testing and inclusion.



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