[olsr-dev] bug in mdi code

Benoit PAPILLAULT (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 25 23:56:37 CEST 2006

Daniel Poelzleithner wrote:
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> Andreas T√łnnesen wrote:
>> Are you saying the old entry is never deleted?
> Yes. It is refreshed constantly, because the new node sends the new mid,
> but the node routes to the old target, creating a black hole route. I'm
> not sure, but maybe this only occurs on the neighbor nodes connected via
> lan (at least i noticed only there).
> kindly regards
>   Daniel

I experienced the same problem here. I have tried to debug it and it 
seems that wrong MID entries are kept forever in the MID set. So, it 
might even creates unrelated problem a lot of times later! (Those 
entries are never removed since another node has one of the IP in the 
old MID).

I think the main problem is the main IP address of the node used as a 
node identifier. If the main IP address is "lost" (changed), the node 
identifier has to be changed. I was wondering if some other identifier 
could be use instead (like it's done in other routing protocol). This 
question is probably out of topic.


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