[olsr-dev] bug in mdi code

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Oct 23 16:27:17 CEST 2006


Here is what the node should do as far as I can remember(I have not
had time to verify this).
There is no way of telling the network that a node changes it's
IP since this is it's primary key so to speak. So when a node changes
it (main) address the old entry must time out troughout the network.
So when a MID entry is registered for node A with ip A1 and node
A changes it's IP to A2 then the A1 entry must time out in the MID set
of the other nodes before it is deleted.
Are you saying the old entry is never deleted?

- Andreas

Daniel Poelzleithner wrote:
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> Hi,
> I found a bug in the mdi code. If you have a ethernet bridge on two
> nodes both with extra ip's for the lan connection, and one node changes
> its main wifi ip. olsrd gets confused, using the old mdi entry to route
> to the old target, ignoring that the new target uses the same mdi entry.
> This also happens if you move the mdi ip from one node to another, or by
> accident have a duplicated ip. The mdi test code seems not to check if
> the anncounced mdi is actually the same, but only if he already has the
> entry in general, causing terrible, hard to find routing errors.
> kindly regards
>   Daniel
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