[olsr-dev] "struct in_addr v4" vs "olsr_u32_t v4"

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Sun Oct 22 11:59:02 CEST 2006

I only used this for "easier" access to the IP address basc in the IPv4 only
days. That means olsr_u32_t was used all over the place before I added IPv6
support where the in*_addr came into play.
Anyways, I guess in_addr is more correct.

- Andreas

Bernd Petrovitsch wrote:
> olsr_types.h declares
> ----  snip  ----
> union olsr_ip_addr
> {
>   olsr_u32_t v4;
>   struct in6_addr v6;
> };
> ----  snip  ----
> Is there a special reason for having "olsr_u32_t" here and not "struct
> in_addr" which is more similar to the IPv6 type and IMHO actually the
> correct type?
> 	Bernd

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