[olsr-dev] neighbors' olsrd dies when an interfaces goes down

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 11 21:59:24 CEST 2006

Hey Vasilis,

Thanks for your bug report. In addition, could you please do the
following for me? This assumes that you compile olsrd yourself.

 * Go into the olsrd source directory.

  * Build olsrd. But do not say "make install" after building as this
will strip the debug symbols from the executable.

  * Instead of saying "make install", manually copy the olsrd executable
and the plugins to the appropriate directories (/usr/bin and /usr/lib).
In this way you will end up with debug symbols in the olsrd executable
and the plugins that you use, which helps us debug this issue.

  * Say "ulimit -c unlimited" to allow olsrd to dump core.

  * Run olsrd and make it crash.

  * Now create a TAR of (1) olsrd (from /usr/bin), (2) the plugins (from
/usr/lib), and (3) the core file and send it to me. That'll enable me to
figure out, where exactly the crash happens.


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