[olsr-dev] Windows interface naming

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Tue Oct 3 14:16:43 CEST 2006

Yes, I can adapt it in order to remove the dependency on
Windows XP's version of iphlpapi.dll. I will do it as soon
as possible.

Just a question.
My code searches for the adapter friendly name if the interface
name, passed by configuration file, is different from IFxx/ifxx;
when interface name is IFxx/ifxx the behaviour is just based
on the adapter index (xx) and not on the adapter friendly name.
Of course some ambiguities could occur if in the system there
are some adapters with friendly name like IFxx (e.g.
IFabc, IF01, if_eth0, etc.).
Can we suppose there are no adapters with friendly name
like IFxx/ifxx?


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> Hey Sektor,
> Thanks for your patch and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I
> like your patch and would very much like to get it into olsrd-current!
> However, in its current version, it unfortunately breaks olsrd
> compatibility with anything below Windows XP. GetAdaptersAddresses() has
> only been introduced in Windows XP and does not exist on earlier Windows
> versions.
> Could you adapt your patch such that it does not create a dependency on
> Windows XP's version of iphlpapi.dll? An idea that comes to my mind is
> to use GetProcAddress("GetAdaptersAddresses") on iphlpapi.dll and, if
> non-null is returned, supply the functionality, otherwise don't. Then
> your functionality will be available on XP and later and versions below
> XP will still work without your functionality.
> Thanks,
> -Thomas
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