[olsr-dev] calculating LQ/NLQ and the ETX-value

Holger Steudtner (spam-protected)
Thu Nov 9 12:53:06 CET 2006


I have some questions about calculation of the LQ/NLQ and the ETX-value
from that.

Does the ETX-value calculation always come right after calculating the
LQ from the LQWinSize and lost packets? Or are these calculations
time-independet from each other?

I mean could the following happen:  olsrd first calculates the LQ/NLQ
values from the measured packet losts, get then a forged Hello from the
neighbor it recently calculated the LQ/NLQ for. In this Hello are faked
LQ and NLQ values included, that are used for ETX calculation instead
the previously correct calculated LQ/NLQ values.

By the way, is it possible to overwright the LQ/NLQ values with LQ-TC
messages and other LQ/NLQ values?

I would be thankfull for any help.


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