[olsr-dev] OLSRD Basic Multicast Plugin

Erik Tromp (spam-protected)
Fri May 12 15:25:47 CEST 2006

Hello All,

I am proud to present you a basic multicast forwarding plugin
for OLSR: BMF. BMF was developed at Thales Communication,
Huizen, Netherlands.

The Basic Multicast Forwarding Plugin floods IP-multicast and
IP-local-broadcast traffic over an OLSRD network. It uses the
Multi-Point Relays (MPRs) as identified by the OLSR protocol
to optimize the flooding of multicast and local broadcast packets
to all the nodes in the network. To prevent broadcast storms, a
history of packets is kept; only packets that have not been seen
in the past 3-6 seconds are forwarded. 

To build and use the plugin you need at least OLSRD version 0.4.10.

You may get a copy of the source code on:


In due time I will have a sourceforge.net project in which I will
do maintenance of the code.

Here is how to install it:

Download the above olsr-bmf.tar.gz file into your OLSRD base install

Change directory (cd) to your OLSRD base install directory.

At the command prompt, type:

  tar -zxvf ./olsr-bmf.tar.gz

then type:

  make build_all

followed by:

  make install_all

Next, read the readme file:

  more ./lib/bmf/README_BMF.txt

Have fun with it!
Erik Tromp

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