[olsr-dev] new ipc

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 7 18:00:48 CET 2006

[... HTTP-like protocol...]

Hmmm, this looks a little like we're getting closer and closer to
re-inventing the TAS plugin. :-) Like I said, the plugin is a web-server
that mimicks JSP or PHP based on the embeddable scripting language Lua
(www.lua.org). The Lua scripts embedded into the web-pages can access
the internal data structures of olsrd. Obviously, this does not only
work for web-pages but also for text/plain.

But then again, in terms of size the TAS plugin might be overkill for
the task at hand, as it supports web-stuff like session cookies,
parallel connections, etc., which we might not need for the IPC protocol.

We could rip quite some code from TAS, though.

Just a thought.


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