[olsr-dev] Fwd: Frottle and Meshes

Tim Schmidt (spam-protected)
Fri Mar 3 05:07:31 CET 2006

> just because you can't hear a node doesn't mean it can't hear you.

Of course.  I think I noted in my message that hearing the 'permission
slip' being passed to a node not in your ETX table would allow you a
one-time-use transmit window.  That's a gamble.  I'm essentially
relying on the fact that it's a one-time-use only and that the MAC and
IP stack on the node with the legitimate permission can deal with any
interference so long as it only happens once.  Of course, transmission
window length would be pretty easy to play around with to balance this
out depending on the topology of your network, or just in general. 
For instance, the permission-window could be 3x the one-time-use

> Also, I'm curious to know if you've thought about recovery, should the node
> thats holding the 'permission slip' become unreachable.

Yup...  hence the timeout in the original mail.

> so write the perl and I'll see about convering it to 'C'.

I'll see what I can do.  Would you mind if I mailed you a month or two
from now upon completion?

> One of the *fundamental* problems with current 'mesh networks', however,
> is the 802.11 MAC.

Agreed.  However, it does perform some useful functions, and even the
most problematic machines, if at least reliably problematic, can be
exploited to do legitimate work.


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