[olsr-dev] Fwd: Frottle and Meshes

Jim Thompson (spam-protected)
Fri Mar 3 04:16:44 CET 2006

Tim Schmidt wrote:

>I've already sent this off to the Frottle folks, but I think it would
>be somewhat easier to write as a plugin for olsr.  I wish I had the
>time and expertise to code this up in C, but the best I'm likely able
>to do is get a perl version out in 6 months.  Let me know if I'm
>insane or if this has a chance of working.
You might investigate the "wireless token ring protocol"

I've considered coding this as a replacement for net80211 (the 802.11
MAC portion of the 'madwifi' driver), rather than running over the top
of the 802.11 protocol.

OLSR could still run on top of WTRP, tying together multiple rings.


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