[olsr-dev] OLSRd - traffic problem

Bastian Bittorf (spam-protected)
Tue Jul 11 16:11:41 CEST 2006

hi thinkers,

in weimar we have a node with symetric-internet connection.
All other nodes with direct connection to internet should
connect trough the internet (over vpn) to this node by
speaking OLSR over the VPN-device. Aim:

go trough internet if ETX to far away node is better
than the wifi-way. ETX on the VPN-clients is handcrafted
to "10.00" - to ensure that this connection is only taken
if wifi sucks really.

problem: OLSRd does a lot of traffic by "ambient noise".
the DSL-lines with small _upload_ are overloaded. why is
there so much traffic? we are talking about 5-7 kbytes/s.

we are thinking about starting a second OLSR-instance
and deaktivate the fisheye-switch for this to avoid so
much TC-messages. But: the two OLSR-instances have to
talk to each other - otherwise it makes no sense - and so:
we have TC-messages again.
Doing lower "olsr-speed" on the second or first instance
also does'nt solve the problem. another idea?

aim: a maximum of 1kbytes/s up/down on each vpn-client.

some facts: about 100 nodes und 10-15 vpn-clients.
(so the vpn-server can "hear" 10-15 olsr-neighbours)

bye, Bastian /weimarnetz.de

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