[olsr-dev] dns-service in nameservice plugin

Jens Nachtigall (spam-protected)
Mon Jul 3 14:07:52 CEST 2006

[[please read the PPS section first, and see if this works for you]]

Am Montag, 3. Juli 2006 07:52 schrieb giuseppe:
> Anyone succeed to run the nameservice plugin?


> I have a PC with two interfaces, wlan0 adn eth0.
> i set in the Plugin param blocsk:
> PlParam "dns-server" ""

The announced dns-server must be the one, which is part of your hna4 set 
(external networks connected via an interface) or part of one of the node's 
addresses. This check is built in to avoid foolish announcements (in a simple 

> where the IP is the DNS's IP of my university.

So it is not the IP of your node. That is why it does not work. 

> Reply will be appreciated

No problem :)


PS Maybe it is best in your case to simply write 
into /etc/resolv.conf and leave the option following option from the 
lib/nameservice/README empty (or point it to a /tmp/whatever), as described 
PlParam "resolv-file" "/path/to/resolv.conf"
        path to resolv.conf file (usually /etc/resolv.conf)
        if set, the 3 nearest (best ETX) upstream nameservers annonced
        by other nodes in the network are written to this file

PPS Aaah, I just remember, that the dns-server option in the current cvs and 
0.4.10 code simply dismissed the dns-server option. I introduced another 
feature to the nameservice lib, and think that I fixed this bug thereby. 
Please try to compile my "enhanced" lib from

Otherwise try the above...

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