[olsr-dev] Re: Die "%m", die

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Jan 9 16:12:42 CET 2006

> Features:
> - several debug levels as specified now e.g. in the config file for
>   run-time selection.
>   Which number range BTW? The numbers should somewhat correlate with
>   the LOG_ERR levels of syslog() if we use that (and I don't know about
>   the Win view on that).
> - a #define for compile-time "selection" of said levels.
> - indepently selection of "print to stderr" and "syslog" it.

Sounds fair enough. But should the debug level be a "level" like it is
today, or rather a mask whare we can categorize the debug info better? The
latter may become to complicated(user-wise) unless one is fairly strict
with the allowed amount of flags. Still, it makes it easier for devs to
request the exact output needed.
And should there be a shared parameter for loglevel and debuglevel? IMO if
we are to introduce a common function for logging to syslog and stderr we
should be able to log to both in the same call. Wouldn't this be
problematic if debuglevel is shared with log levels?

- Andreas

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