[olsr-dev] Re: Die "%m", die

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Jan 9 11:58:03 CET 2006

> Andreas - did I miss anything?

Nope, I agree. Now just some tiny words of history. There used to be a
olsr_print function, but this was replaced with the macro a couple of
revisions ago for the reasons Thomas put up. Printouts for high
debuglevels tend to be called very intensive and did cost a lot of CPU as
shown by profiling. We discussed having debug options fixed at build time,
but it makes debugging harder so we went with the define solution(which
also allows us to remove the debug statements completly at buildtime).
Also, there is really no big philosophy behind the stderr printout vs.
syslog.  I've mainly just taken the approach that you syslog what you want
an admin to know and possibly report to us(but not create gigantic logs)
and you print what you want people debugging/developing to know. The
syslog set is pretty much always a subset of the print set, but I think
they should be regarded as two different entities.
Now I'm sure this can be handled better but there has not been any effort
put into cleaning this up. Suggestions for changes are always welcome :-)

- Andreas

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