[olsr-dev] patch for building plugins on osx

Lorenz Schori (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 5 01:14:44 CET 2006

hi all

the sourceforge page (especially trackers) does not seem to be very  
active, so i just post my patch to the dev list.

i was playing around with olsrd 0.4.10 on osx tiger 10.4.3 today and  
i noticed that there are some problems in Makefile.osx:

strip: strip somehow strips too much symbols from the binaries (olsrd  
and all the plugins). i did a quickfix and turned it into a comment  
for now.

ldconfig: this just does not exist on osx.

CFLAGS: -fPIC is not needed on osx. it's on by default.

LDFLAGS: loadable shared object files must be bundles in osx and thus  
the flags look a bit different here.
see: http://fink.sourceforge.net/doc/porting/shared.php

i tested my modifications with httpinfo (where it's easy to see if  
things work).

another thing: i think the way Makefile.fbsd handles INSTALL_PREFIX  
and OLSRD_GLOBAL_CONF_FILE is the right way to do it on osx and linux  
too. imho this should be the default.


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