[olsr-dev] 0.4.10 released

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 4 10:43:45 CET 2006

Hi all,

olsrd 0.4.10 is finally here!! A big congrats to all the fine people
that have contributed to this fine piece of software :-)
Release cycles are not as short as they used to be. It's actually
been 9 months to the day since 0.4.9 was released. But lots of people
use the current CVS version, and the amount of showstopping bugs are
fewer and fewer therefore we have had no rush getting this release out.
But now it is finally here and I think we all have great belive in this
release. Read more about the changes, bugfixes and new features in
the CHANGELOG file that is distributed with olsrd.
Now run along and download:
At the current time only source tarballs and win32 installer/zip is
available. I will add other packages as soon as the maintainers
build them.

But there is more to it! This release takes olsrd to a crossroad.
Development of a new series, namely 0.5, will start right now and this
will be an exciting turn for the project.
Work will continue on the 0.4 series, but this will mainly be bugfixing.
0.4 will keep the OLSR compability that we have now. This means that it
should interop with RFC3626 implementations(if not using the LQ
extentions). It also means that there will probably be more 0.4.1x
releases for those interested in pure OLSR. I have created a olsr_04
branch in CVS in which 0.4 development will continue. CVS HEAD is
now 0.5.
As for the 0.5 series we will no longer strive to keep OLSR compability.
Olsrd has been well tested and I belive that most of you running it
in medium to large real-life networks agree that ad-hoc routing in
wireless networks based only on hopcount is not the future. Therefore
the 0.5 series will be more experimental and hopefully turn into
something rather different(a namechange might be considered at a later
stage) based on the interesting work done in Berlin(c-base).

A happy new year to you all and happy routing!

- Andreas

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