[olsr-dev] olsr implementation with beaconing and adjusting WLAN transmission power

Holger Steudtner (spam-protected)
Thu Feb 23 21:33:59 CET 2006

Hello  olsrd-users,

I am using olsrd under linux (Debian) on my home PC and on my Zaurus 
with openzaurus 3.5.4 on it.

For some testings I need to know, if the olsrd-Implementation uses 
beaconing. That means, the signal power of all neighbors influences the 
choice of MPRS. Is the power too low, the node won't be used for 
forwarding. Is this something olsrd performce automaticly, or can I 
switch it on or maybe use a plugin?

And I also need to adjust the transmission power of my wlan-card under 
linux. How can I do this? I have a D-link air w660 CF card for my Zaurus.

Thank you for your help,

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