[olsr-dev] Technical report on OLSR-ETX

Holger Steudtner (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 14 14:57:55 CET 2006


try this paper:

COUTO, Douglas S. J. D. ; AGUAYO, Daniel ; BICKET, John ; MORRIS,
Robert: A High-Throughput Path Metric for Multi-Hop Wireless
Routing. In: Wireless Networks 11 (2005), Nr. 4, S. 419–434

and for the implementation in olsrd look here:



Weverton Cordeiro schrieb:
> Hi all,
> Does anyone here know where I could find a technical report, or even a
> scientific paper, about OLSR-ETX? I have already made a search on the
> net (using keywords "expected transmission count") and all I could find
> were papers and presentations about the solely ETX. I'd like to know how
> ETX is integrated into original OLSR.
> Also I'd like to know if anyone here knows an OLSR-ETX module for ns2
> simulations, and where I could find it. All I could find was an OLSR
> module that is RFC compliant, thus not being useful for my simulation
> purposes.
> Thanks in advance,
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> Weverton Luis da Costa Cordeiro
> Undergraduating in Computer Science
> Federal University of Para - UFPA
> http://www.labes.ufpa.br/weverton <http://www.labes.ufpa.br/weverton>
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