[olsr-dev] Implementing an attack into olsrd

Holger Steudtner (spam-protected)
Fri Aug 4 11:20:26 CEST 2006


I implemented an blackhole attack direct into the code. I choosed that 
way, because I want to switch between olsrd with and without attack.

It seems to work fine on my testmachine with one interface (eth0), but I 
get nothing neither on my laptop with 2 interfaces (eth0 (wired) and 
eth1 (wireless) ) nor on the small PDAs with interface wlan0.

I did set the right interfaces in olsrd.conf.

My implementation is based on manipulating the message building as 
Andreas said. This is done in "build_msg.c" in the functions 
"serialize_hello4" and  "serialize_hello6" and in "packet.c"


Oh I know whats the difference. on my laptop I use LQ_HELLOs.
But isn't it possible to implement the attack so, that no matter what 
quality I use to route the packets, it works. Wich function does the 
real send-job?

Thank you for your help,

Andreas T√łnnesen schrieb:
> This is rather trivial to implement and can be done as a plugin.
> All you need is a alternative HELLO generation function that announces all
> nodes heard of as one-hop neighbors.
> - Andreas
>>I wanna implement a blackhole/wormhole into olsrd for my diploma thesis.
>>A blackhole/wormhole tampers the HELLO-messages he sends out, to tell
>>all other nodes that it has the best routes to all other nodes. That
>>means I have to change the code for the HELLO-message generation.
>>I wonder if it is possible to do that with a plugin or do I have to
>>change the olsrd code. I also want to have the possibility to switch
>>between evil and good (with or without blackhole/wormhole) within one
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