[olsr-dev] snprintf(), ...

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Mon Nov 7 11:06:00 CET 2005

[adding source code for snprintf() to the olsrd source code]

>> But
>> then again, there should BSD-licensed source code available somewhere
>> for
>> them, which we could include with olsrd for platforms that do not
>> support
>> them natively.
> A license compatible to the olsrd license is enough since the simple
> integration is "put the source into the tree and add a #define for it".
> I have to take a closer look into the Makefile to see what's the
> simplest solution.

Wait a second... Is this really the case? Would we (or other people) be
allowed to distribute binary-only versions for, for example, Windows if we
used a GPLed implementation of snprintf() in olsrd?

Hmmm. Maybe we should simply use OpenBSD's implementation. We'd then
probably have the world's safest snprintf() in olsrd. :-) And it would
come with a BSD license.


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