[olsr-dev] adding received signal info

Bruno Randolf (spam-protected)
Tue May 24 12:19:12 CEST 2005

hello eduard!

i have started to do the same, based on the link_layer code andreas once 
wrote. my focus at the moment is to display the signal/noise values on a TCP 
port, to show the signal strength to each neighbor node. this should assist 
installing and optimizing an olsr network. adding a fuction to flood this 
info thru the network is quite easy.

i think such functionality is best suited in a plugin. if we would change the 
format of the HELLO and TC messages we would (once again ;)) break RFC 
compliance. there is documentation on how to write plugins on olsr.org, but 
you can also learn a lot from looking at the other plugins.

the stuff i wrote is quick & dirty and relies on another plugin interface, 
which might be in CVS sometimes if we know it works on every platform. for 
now you have to add the linker option "-Wl,-export-dynamic" for the main 
olsrd executable. there are other problems involved with getting the SNR in 
ad-hoc mode: we use iwspy (wireless extensions) for this, and by default the 
maximum number of nodes we can spy is 8. this is a define which can be 
changed in the kernel, however. and we need to have the MAC address of the 
node in the ARP table, so we have to send a ping to get that, which is also 
kind of ugly. 

ok, here's the source: http://meshcube.org/dev/olsr/info.tgz


On Tuesday 24 May 2005 11:53, Eduard GV wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to modify OLSR code to add information regarding received
> signal between neighbours in Hello and TC messages. I'm starting to
> have a look at the sources, but I'd be grateful if someone points me
> directly to the right place.
> To be more precise...I have to get
> - Modify hello packet format to include signal power received from
> neighbours - Fill the packet with this information
> - Extract signal info from hello messages
> - Modify TC packet format to include signal info on published links
> - Fill the packet with this information
> - Extract signal info from TC messages
> * Which files/functions should I revise?
> * Should I try to create a plugin instead of modifying the original
> olsr code? In that case, is there any helpful documentation I could
> learn with?
> Thank you very much ;)
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