[olsr-dev] httpinfo plugin

Andrew Hodel (spam-protected)
Thu Mar 31 23:54:55 CEST 2005

If there is an interest other then mine in having external files for the 
httpinfo plugin that allow users to change the css layout and default 
text of the output, I would be willing to implement it.

I have cross posted this to the users and dev lists to get user input.

The only problem I can see with this is multiple olsrd config files in 
/etc, this could be fixed by creating an /etc/olsrd directory for all 
olsrd config files.

Any comments.. anyone?

Andrew Hodel

Andrew Hodel wrote:

> I made a few changes for the httpinfo plugin from cvs today.
> There is a new menu option, "Other", which will display the contents 
> of the file /etc/olsr.other
> I also added a section to the About page describing the Other page, 
> and fixed a missing close tag for li in the html source.
> I am having 2 problems:
> 1.If the file /etc/olsr.other is not there, olsrd segfaults.  There is 
> error checking when opening the file but it is not working.
> 2. If the file /etc/olsr.other only contains 1 line, it will be 
> printed twice.
> If anyone can use or improve this, please do.  I use it to show 
> information from other sources easily on the httpinfo plugin, i.e. 
> another daemon writing to the file.  This way I don't have to use C to 
> show something simple, bash, perl, python, _anything_ can write to a 
> file.
> P.S. modified olsrd_httpinfo.c & html.h at: http://www.nxwi.com/olsr
> Thanks,
> Andrew Hodel
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