[olsr-dev] OLSR on Windows Mobile (WinCE)

Takehiro Takahashi (spam-protected)
Fri Mar 18 09:33:31 CET 2005

Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your very quick response.
I've already started on creating empty wrappers and this part seems
extremely straight-forward.
I've noticed that olsrd enables OS configurations such as IP forwarding
within the code,
and API calls needed are basically supported in WinCE 4.2 (as far as I see
right now)

Now, for the cfgparser. I'm sorry that I got you confused with Makefile
configuration and
the actual implementation of the parser. 
What I meant to say was the difference in Makefile for win32 and *nix.

ifeq ($(OS), osx)

ifeq ($(OS), win32)

LIBNAME ?=	olsrd_cfgparser.dll
BINNAME ?=	olsrd_cfgparser.exe

PORT_CFLAGS =	-mno-cygwin -I../win32 -DWIN32_STDIO_HACK
PORT_LDFLAGS =	-mno-cygwin
PORT_OBJS =	../win32/compat.o
PORT_LIBS =	-lws2_32
INCLUDES +=	../win32

Though I don't have much experience in Windows development field,
most of the fields are self-explanatory or requires very little searching.
-mno-cygwin - no use flag for cygwin emulater libs... should be disregard in
this scenario.
-lws2_32 - winsock2.... a must.
WIN32_STDIO_HACK - not sure at the moment but seems like a must

Hmm... I guess I'm just confused by 
"LIBNAME ?=	olsrd_cfgparser.dll" and "BINNAME ?=	olsrd_cfgparser.exe"
as they don't show up on any other platforms. 
Loading olsrd_cfgparser.dll into the main program makes sense so it can
understand the config
file, but why would there be a need for a single executable?

Thank you again for your help.

- Takehiro

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Hi Takehiro,
> Now my question would be, what is the most proper approach to start 
> this process?
> I realize that there are some platform dependent directories, and I 
> understand that those need to be rewritten for WinCE.

What you need to do is to build the OS dependent functionallity for winCE by
following the already defined interface. The most critical function is
kernel route manipulation, but network interface detection mechanisms are
also important. But for a starter you can just create empty
wrappers/hardcoded configuration for the OS dependent stuff, just to be able
to build olsrd and the move on the implement kernel route manipulation.
Hopefully the winCE API is not to much different from win32.

> ported to WinCE platform as the Makefile under cfgparser seems to 
> contain options that are really different from Unix based systems.

I'm not quite following you on this. The cfgparser Makefile is just as
Unix'ish as the others IMO :) What you need to generate the parser code is
flex/bison or something similar. This really shouln't cause too much trouble
as far as I can see, and there should really not be a need to rewrite
anything in the parser code...

- Andreas

Andreas T√łnnesen
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