[olsr-dev] Re:plugin_loader.c

Andrea Sini (spam-protected)
Mon Jul 4 12:54:24 CEST 2005

Abhishek Misra wrote:

>Yes found it. Please go through this
>in file plugin_loader.c there are functions 
>olsr_load_dl(char *libname, struct plugin_param *params)
Sorry, but I can't understand what your problem is. The plugin_looader.c 
file contains the code that is invoked at olsrd startup to load DLL 
(plugins). It tries to fetch all the necessary functions to get pointers 
to plugin's data structures and functions.

If you have to write a plugin, I think you should follow the structure 
of an already available one, like powerstatus.

If you have other question, try to ask...




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