[olsr-dev] Question plugin - olsr_event()

Daniel Jaskiewicz (spam-protected)
Tue Jan 18 09:46:17 CET 2005

Hello again I have a question about the power plugin example, more 
specifically the olsr_event() function. What is exactly passed to it, in the 
code it has olsr_event(void *foo), is this a pointer or implicit function 
that is called. In the olsr_event function this foo parameter is not used at 
all. The reason for this question is that Im trying to initiate this 
function when information arrives on a socket and not using the scheduler 
for a scheduled event, but for some reason its, not printing out the 
arriving entries. Everything in the code is the same except the following, 
which is inside a function which is registared with the socket parser to 
initiate this function when information arrives:
add_olsr_socket(ipc_socket_di, &ipc_action_di);

ipc_action_di(int fd)
struct sockaddr_in pin;
  socklen_t addrlen;
  char *addr;

  addrlen = sizeof(struct sockaddr_in);
if ((ipc_accept_connection_di = accept(ipc_socket_di, (struct sockaddr *)  
&pin, &addrlen)) == -1)
      perror("IPC accept");
      addr = inet_ntoa(pin.sin_addr);
      if(ntohl(pin.sin_addr.s_addr) != INADDR_LOOPBACK)
	  olsr_printf(1, "Front end-connection from foregin host(%s) not 
allowed!\n", addr);
	  ipc_listening_di = 1;
	  olsr_printf(1, "DI: Incoming DI Connection from %s\n",addr);
    } /*end of else*/
}/*end of function */


>From: Andreas Tønnesen <(spam-protected)>
>Reply-To: OLSR development <(spam-protected)>
>To: OLSR development <(spam-protected)>
>Subject: Re: [olsr-dev] Question plugin
>Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 17:46:39 +0100
>Hi Daniel,
>If you want a function called when data is available on a socket you
>should register your callback function and your socket with the socket
>parser using the add_olsr_socket call.
>To answer your second question, yes the callback function can loop
>trough interfaces and generate a message(s) that are pushed onto
>the olsrd net buffers.
>So all in all you only need the socket parser callback function and
>no scheduler registered function.
>- Andreas
>Daniel Jaskiewicz wrote:
>>Hello everyone I got a question about registering a function with the 
>>olsrd scheduler.  If I want an event to tigger based on information 
>>recieved through a socket and not based on a time interval like the 
>>function olsr_registar_scheduler_event() is provided, what is the best way 
>>to implement this in a plugin.
>>When I registar a socket to the socket parser and information is recieved 
>>and triggers a corresponding function, in that function can I have the 
>>nessecary code to:
>>Loop through interfaces
>>generate a message
>>write message to buffer for interface
>>Will olsrd restrict this solution in anyway, will I have to registar this 
>>kind of action with OLSRD, even if the function 
>>olsr_registar_scheduler_event() is not needed?
>>Thanks again
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>Andreas Tønnesen
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