[olsr-dev] Question plugin

Daniel Jaskiewicz (spam-protected)
Fri Jan 7 15:07:57 CET 2005

Hello everyone I got a question about registering a function with the olsrd 
scheduler.  If I want an event to tigger based on information recieved 
through a socket and not based on a time interval like the function 
olsr_registar_scheduler_event() is provided, what is the best way to 
implement this in a plugin.
When I registar a socket to the socket parser and information is recieved 
and triggers a corresponding function, in that function can I have the 
nessecary code to:
Loop through interfaces
generate a message
write message to buffer for interface

Will olsrd restrict this solution in anyway, will I have to registar this 
kind of action with OLSRD, even if the function 
olsr_registar_scheduler_event() is not needed?

Thanks again

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