[olsr-dev] 0.4.9 CVS hangs while deleting route

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 28 00:22:50 CET 2005

Hello there,

[direct routes with a hop count of 2]

> Yes, that is the problem. Somehow a route with metric 2 and gw==dst is
> added. But this is not an error on the route deletion algorithm, but
> rather in the route calculation code. This is LQ stuff, which is
> Thomas-food :)

Yup - it was a bug in some new code in LQ route addition that I
introduced last Wednesday. When there's a route to B via A, then the LQ
code now explicitly makes sure that there is a route to A. This is to
cope with the degenerate case in which (1) A is not the neighbour's main
address, (2) we do not have an MID entry for A, so there won't be a
route added to A, (3) but the best link to our neighbour is to its
interface A. The problem was that instead of using a hop count of 1, I
used B's hop count, which is wrong.

Thanks to everybody for the analysis and debugging! Finding and fixing
the bug with this information took about 2 minutes.

The CVS repository contains updated code.


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