[olsr-dev] olsrd profiling session

Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Sun Feb 27 12:32:23 CET 2005

Hey Andreas,

great! I will check later since SF really needs some time to update. Just to 
inform you: The freifunk-firmware source is now hosted on SourceForge too 
(since yesterday). Of course, I need to enhance the SF homepage for that 
project (e.g. adding an OLSR logo etc.) but the current version will do.

Ref: http://ff-firmware.sourceforge.net/

LG, Sven-Ola

Am Sonntag, 27. Februar 2005 11:50 schrieb Andreas T√łnnesen:
> All files have now been converted to using OLSR_PRINTF. And one can
> compile setting NODEBUG=1 (make NODEBUG=1) to not even include the
> if statements in the debug output in the code.
> (as usual the CVS mirrors need a couple of hours to update)
> - Andreas
> Andreas T√łnnesen wrote:
> > Sven-Ola,
> >
> >> the profiling version was compiled without -DDEBUG. So I belive it's the
> >> olsr_printf("results %s", cpu_intensive_func_returns_string()) which
> >> eats up
> >> CPU time even of not -DDEBUG. So I suggest a change to:
> >>
> >> if(0<debuglev) {
> >>   olsr_printf("results %s", cpu_intensive_func_returns_string());
> >> }
> >
> > I chacked in code using a macro OLSR_PRINTF last night. I have not
> > updated all files yet but they will soon be all converted to using the
> > macro. It is also possible to set NODEBUG causing the MACRO not to
> > expand to anything. It would be interesting to se the overall effect of
> > this on the WRT later on.
> >
> > - Andreas

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