[olsr-dev] Fetching the routing table

Andrea Sini (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 23 16:03:25 CET 2005


first of all thanks for the previous answer.

I still have some problems...

In the plugin I'm writing I have this code:

if ((ris=olsr_plugin_io(GETD__ROUTINGTABLE,&table,sizeof(table))) < 0)
        plugin_output("Unable to get the routing table!");
   for (index = 0; index < HASHSIZE; index++)
       if (table[index].next != NULL)
              for(element = table[index].next; element != &table[index]; 
element = element->next)

The point is that despite the result show by "route -n " command (there 
are all the correct entries),
the table looks empty (every table[index].next is NULL).

Why ?? Am I wrong ? What should I consider ?

Thanks in advance for the answer.

Andrea Sini

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