[olsr-dev] General questions about the olsr.org code

Andreas Hafslund (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 23 09:39:35 CET 2005


Some questions related to plugins:

- Are anyone working with making the olsr parameters dynamically adjustable (example the HELLO and TC intervals)? For instance related to SNR on the links, stabile routes etc.
- Are anyone working with making a plugin for Mobile IP or NEMO?
- Are anyone working with an addressing scheme for MANET, using the olsr.org code?

Solving these questions with plugins to the olsr.org code, would be very beneficial for the use of the daemon.

I also have some general questions for everybody:

- Does anyone know the Xorp, open router platform?
- What is the difference between the Click modular router and Xorp?
- Is it possible to port the olsr.org code to the Xorp platform?
- What do you think is the future for the olsr.org code? To continue to be a standalone  working code, or should it be ported to a platform such as Xorp?

In some projects I need a router with more features than just olsr, for instance multicasting. To have the olsr.org daemon running only as a standalone router can sometimes prevent people from using it in projects.

Another idea for future work, is to extract the core functionality from olsr.org, and then integrate this into an open source ospf router. Are there anyone working with this?

If you are interested in expanding the possibilites for the olsr.org code, I have several interesting suggestions. Just let me know :)


Andreas Hafslund
Thales Norway AS /
UniK - University Graduate Center

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