[olsr-dev] olsrd 0.4.10-rc2

Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 22 13:34:12 CET 2005


here's a new patch, you may include for the next RC as well. That's a minor 
enhancement (adding the fish to httpinfo) and a showstopper (tested it 
today - seems to do what's expected). This critical one fixes the UDP 
fragmentation issue we observe here in berlin for a long time. I fixed it 
only for IPv4 - I think IPv6 needs a similar offset. I'am too lazy to lookup 
up the needed numbers - leave that to the IPv6 geeks.

May have side effects too. Until now, a reliable packet loss happens on 
wless connections. This one may lead to ether and wless connections 
completely without packet loss for longer periods. May lead to route flaps 
on devices both connected via eth and wifi - dunno if this is compensated by 
the "eth devices are preferred by routing automatically" scheme.

LG Sven-Ola

"Andreas "T√łnnesen"" <(spam-protected)> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
> Hi all,
> I have prepared a second releasecandidate for 0.4.10. IT can be downloaded
> from:
> http://olsr.org/releasecandidates/
> Please give it a spin and report any problems! 0.4.10 will be released 23.
> dec if there are no severe issues reported. Reports from people building
> on various OSes is appreciated. Please add your results to the following
> list and reply. I have some trouble with one of my disks so I have not
> been able to test anything but Linux :-(
> OS                 BUILDS         RUNS
> --------------------------------------
> Linux                [X]           [X]
> FreeBSD              [ ]           [ ]
> OpenBSD              [ ]           [ ]
> NetBSD               [ ]           [ ]
> OS X                 [ ]           [ ]
> Win32                [ ]           [ ]
> - Andreas
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