[olsr-dev] ipaq olsr source

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 27 11:59:16 CEST 2005

> The latest CVS code has a "hidden" target "wince" - I think if you set 
> up your cross-compiler right and "make OS=wince" you should get what you 
> want.
> (I don't know if the lack of mention of wince in the help message is 
> intentional or not or I'd commit the change for that)

I haven't yet documented the target because olsrd compiles nicely but in 
its current state does not work at all on Windows CE and crashes even 
before it gets a chance to printf() its banner on startup. Maybe a 
toolchain problem. I've tried using the cross-compiler for WinCE/ARM 
that is available on


But then again, maybe it should have been documented, so that somebody 
more experienced than I with cross-compiling for WinCE would have given 
it a shot. Anyone? :-)

It would be great to have preliminary CE support in 0.4.10, I think.


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