[olsr-dev] ipaq olsr source

Dave (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 21 10:57:34 CEST 2005

If you are using familiar linux you need familiars toolchain, which you 
can download here:


Install it and build with "make CC=arm-linux-gcc OS=linux" and use 
"arm-linux-strip olsrd" after all.

Dave W

Black Jack schrieb:

>Hello all,
>I'm new to using the olsrd application, and have successfully installed
>it on a laptop running linux mandrake 10. I've also modified olsr source
>code but just adding an udp socket to have some information that I needed.
>However, I'tested olsr package on my HP iPAQ 3900. It work fine.
>I'm looking for source code of olrs package for iPAQ and some information
>about how to compile this source after I've added some line of code.
>Nice to meet you all!
>Thank you,
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