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Pawel Foremski (spam-protected)
Sun Sep 26 14:26:04 CEST 2004


Yesterday I was asking about running olsrd on multiple interfaces with the 
same IP address. It seems olsrd doesn't support such setup, so I wrote a 
patch. Could you please tell me what do you think about it?

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Subject: [OLSR-users] olsrd on multiple interfaces
Date: Saturday 25 of September 2004 21:19
From: Pawel Foremski <(spam-protected)>
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I'm running olsrd 0.4.7 on Linksys WRT-54G with OpenWRT firmware. I've got 5
interfaces on it (1 x wireless, 4 x Ethernet) I'd like to run olsrd on: eth0,
vlan1, vlan2, vlan3 and vlan4. The IP addresses are the same on each

I'm trying to deploy the following scenario: there are 3 machines,
(pc), (wrt54g nr 2) and (wrt54g) between them (the one I'm
currently fighting with :P). All of the machines are running olsrd 0.4.7. I'd
like to make be able to communicate via with,
simple. But the olsrd daemon running at on multiple interfaces seems
to add all discovered routes only on the first interface from "INTERFACES"
list. In my setup the list is "vlan1 eth1 vlan2 vlan3 vlan4"., which I'm trying to contact from, is connected to eth1; is connected to vlan1. So, olsrd running on properly adds
the route to (vlan1), but fails to add proper route to
(eth1), using vlan1 instead. Of course I can't contact from

And here is my question - is it a bug, am I missing something obvious or is
 it a "feature" :P?

Pawel Foremski
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