[olsr-dev] Newbie question

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 13 18:41:37 CEST 2004


>        1) At startup, where is the code that creates the socket (the 
> first one) to be used in the listen_loop ?

Sokets are registered at runtime using the function:
void add_olsr_socket(int fd, void(*pf)(int))
in socket_parser.c
The OLSR sockets(UDP/698) are registered one pr. interface. Check out 
the linux interface config in src/linux/ifnet.c to see where the sockets 
are created and added to the parser.

>        2) Where is the body of the functions declared in some header 
> file (for example the body of chk_if_up() in ifnet.h)?
 From ifnet.h:

/* Network interface configuration interface.
  * Platform independent - the implementations
  * reside in OS/ifnet.c(e.g. linux/ifnet.c)

I don't think that needs any further explanation ;-)
(you might have an earlier version where that comment is not added)


Andreas T√łnnesen

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