[olsr-dev] Patch: for (some Qs about exending the dyn_gw plugin)

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Tue Nov 30 08:42:45 CET 2004

Jens Nachtigall wrote:
> Thanks for your comments. I now did it this way. Please see the revised 
> patch I attached. The scheduled olsr_event_doing_hna function is called 
> every 3 seconds and acts according to has_available_gw variable (equals 
> the return value of check_gw) and has_inet_gw.
> This means there is at most a delay of 3 secs for the update of the hna 
> table, which is acceptable imo.

Great. The new code is checked into CVS now.

- Andreas

Andreas T√łnnesen

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