[olsr-dev] Does plugins work for Windows version of olsrd

Roar Bjørgum Rotvik (spam-protected)
Fri Nov 5 14:56:01 CET 2004

Thomas Lopatic wrote:

>> I wonder if the olsrd plugins work for Windows, and if any, 
>> differences are there between plugins on Unix/Linux and Windows?
> Yes, the plugin mechanism works on Windows, i.e. the Windows port 
> supports plugins. However, the only plugin in the OLSR distribution that 
> is currently ported to Windows and compiles on Windows is the dot_draw 
> plugin. (Which is pretty portable, anyway.)
> The dyn_gw plugin, for example, is pretty Linux-specific and thus 
> requires a bit of work.
> Do you want to write your own plugin or are you interested in using one 
> of the default OLSR plugins?

I need to convert some plugins that work on Linux today to work on 
Windows. These plugins mostly uses some network functions that shouldn't 
be too difficult to port to Windows.

But the thing I'm not sure about is how the dynamic linking/loading 
works in the Windows version and how the plugin should be built.

But if the public source code for dot_draw contains all needed windows 
porting changes, I may take a look at this.

Does the olsrd-0.4.7 from www.olsr.org contain the windows source or can 
I get this source from another place?

Roar B. Rotvik

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