[olsr-dev] Mac osX compile problems

Michael Bauer (spam-protected)
Fri Nov 5 09:35:51 CET 2004

i've tried to compile on osX with -D__FreeBSD__ but somehow the make
stops with a really wierd error:

cc -D__FreeBSD__ -Isrc -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes
-O2 -g -Dlinux    -c -o src/ipc_frontend.o src/ipc_frontend.c
In file included from src/defs.h:41,
                 from src/ipc_frontend.h:44,
                 from src/ipc_frontend.c:34:
src/olsr_protocol.h:49: error: parse error before numeric constant
src/ipc_frontend.c:436:2: warning: #warning fix IPC MIDcnt
src/ipc_frontend.c:458:2: warning: #warning fix IPC intervals
make: *** [src/ipc_frontend.o] Error 1

line 49 is: 
typedef enum
->    FALSE = 0,

since i remember, that olsr_protocol is included earlier this error
is even more irritating.

greetings mihi
think radical, act radical.
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