[olsr-dev] HNA checking..

Bjoern Riemer (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 21 14:44:06 CET 2004

better now..
Andreas Tønnesen wrote:
> Great :)
> Would you mind creating a patch against current CVS? The attached patch
> failed - and I'm too lazy to backtrack changes ;)
> - Andreas
>>hack finished ;)
>>the plugin accepts the HNA config param ""
>>the following Ping Parameter are used for that previus HNA
>>if there is no HNA param then ""  for internet GW is
>>Jens Nachtigall wrote:
>>>>Yes, I remember we talked about how something like this would be cool
>>>>to add to the dyn_gw plugin. I like to keep core olsrd as simple as
>>>>possible - so if you'd like to add this to the dyn_gw plugin Jens,
>>>>then I'll remove it from my olsrd to-do list :)
>>>Oops, I rather thought of inviting Björn to add this to dyn_gw ;-) I've
>>>got other issue at the moment. I think dyn_gw would be the best place
>>>(as u already pointed out).
>>>Björn, happy hacking  :-)
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