[olsr-dev] HNA checking..

Bjoern Riemer (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 21 14:20:17 CET 2004

hack finished ;)
the plugin accepts the HNA config param ""
the following Ping Parameter are used for that previus HNA
if there is no HNA param then ""  for internet GW is assumed..


Jens Nachtigall wrote:
>>Yes, I remember we talked about how something like this would be cool
>>to add to the dyn_gw plugin. I like to keep core olsrd as simple as
>>possible - so if you'd like to add this to the dyn_gw plugin Jens,
>>then I'll remove it from my olsrd to-do list :)
> Oops, I rather thought of inviting Björn to add this to dyn_gw ;-) I've 
> got other issue at the moment. I think dyn_gw would be the best place 
> (as u already pointed out).
> Björn, happy hacking  :-)
> jens
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