[olsr-dev] fork() in main kills plugin's threads

Jens Nachtigall (spam-protected)
Mon Dec 20 00:11:00 CET 2004

> Jens Nachtigall wrote:
> > I know, I could simply always create a new pthread whenever the
> > plugin's function is scheduled, so creating the pthread after
> > fork() (this would be suboptimal, but would not also hurt much).
> > However, that fork() kills the pthreads seems odd to me, any ideas
> > on how to change this?
> I guess doing the fork prior to loading plugin fixes this? If so
> we'll change that for 0.4.9.

Right. And someone already fixed that in cvs ;-) I works ok now.

fork's behaviour seems to me like a bug or at least weird behaviour by 
libc. If someone could explain this to me, I'd be glad to hear about 


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