[olsr-dev] Re: 0.4.8 and press release

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 2 16:19:39 CET 2004

Hi aaron,

I think it is time to get a new release out anyway. We have been 
delaying the release for quite some time and there are a _lot_ of new 
features in the current version, releasing a new version will help us 
discover new bugs. I believe in rapid release cycles - and I think the 
current code is already on overtime :-)
When the route flapping issue(and probably lots of other issues) is 
fixed there sould be no problem releasing a new version.

Speak up if you disagree.

- Andreas

aaron wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Dec 2004, onelektra wrote:
> hi olsr-dev!
> well, just to let you know - i am currently debugging olsrd-0.4.7 + 
> sched fix patch (the patch that andreas recommended to test for our 
> route flapping problem).
> Basically we still see the same problems in that version.
> I don't want to hold you back from releasing 0.4.8 but i really think 
> that there is some hard bug in the versions between 0.44 (excluding) and 
> the current 0.4.7-schedfix.
> Would it make sense to hold back 0.4.8 until we have some analysis of 
> the problem? Is it a lot of work to release a new version (afterwards)?
> ----
> Thomas: I thought about your last mail. Unfortunately I did not come 
> around the re-test with the new config file options but... I am pretty 
> sure they our measurement (--debug 9) did not interfere, since the line 
> by itself (at the time of testing :) was pretty stable and i collected 
> around 500kbytes of log files while the line speed was 600kBytes / sec. 
> So I doubt that re-testing it with the new config settings _in_order_to_ 
> have no interference makes sense. But i will re-test anyway. The 
> symptoms that you saw in the log files were the same symptoms that we 
> saw when we logged into the linksys boxes.
> cheers,
> aaron

Andreas T√łnnesen

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