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Bernd Petrovitsch (spam-protected)
Mon Nov 12 00:25:31 CET 2007

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* and something for the CHANGELOG

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*** CHANGELOG	8 Nov 2007 22:47:39 -0000	1.112
--- CHANGELOG	11 Nov 2007 23:25:29 -0000	1.113
*** 91,98 ****
--- 91,121 ----
    as "struct sockaddr_in" since it is that what we actually want there (and
    it is similar to the IPv6 code).
+ - updated the olsrd.conf.default.lq-fisheye to the Debian-deliverd version
+   after recent discussions (spam-protected)
  - use "inline_avl_comp_ipv4()" in "avl_comp_ipv4()"
  - clean up the routes on more signals. Basically we want to do this on all
    signals which terminate the program.
  - killed a superflous global buffer in src/main.c
+ - made inline functions from avl_walk_{first,last,next,prev} and created
+   "const" versions of it. inline_avl_comp_ipv4() is now also an inline function
+   (and not a macro)
+ - created a typedef's for various function pointers - much easier to read.
+ - cleanup: compare tree->comp (adn other pointers)) to NULL (and not 0)
+ - killed superflous "return"s at the end of void functions
+ - const'ified more parameters in many more functions in the .h and
+   .c files
+ - init-functions with constant or ignored return values are "void"
+ - created a typedef fro the callback in "struct export_route_entry"
+   and using it!
+ - moved the initialization of the {add,chg,del}_kernel_list variables
+   into process_routes.c. So they are now "static" there.
+ - olsr_export_{add,del}_route{,6} are now static in process_routes.c
+   since they are not used elsewhere.
+ - olsr_addroute_add_function() and olsr_deldroute_add_function() were
+   almost identical - made one function out of it.
+   Same for olsr_addroute_del_function() and olsr_deldroute_del_function().
+ - fixed the sort order in avl_comp_ipv4_prefix(): We compare now the IPv4
+   values in host byte order (and not network byte order). So the route
+   list in the e.g. httpinfo plugin is now nicely sorted.
  0.5.4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

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