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Mon Dec 29 12:49:59 CET 2014

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The annotated tag, v0.6.8 has been created
        at  d48b0bc3d50b9b79545efca09fff39ee060794b9 (tag)
   tagging  51ac86b22ee2bdb1077c889859ad3ca5a39aa079 (commit)
  replaces  v0.6.7.1
 tagged by  Henning Rogge
        on  Mon Dec 29 12:17:09 2014 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
OLSRd release 0.6.8
Version: GnuPG v1


Ferry Huberts (81):
      linux: increase the netlink buffer size
      linux: fix using tables >= 256
      linux: fix type of af_family
      linux: do not try to set routes with negative metric
      linux: add 'flags' parameter to olsr_new_netlink_route function
      linux: add 'scope' parameter to olsr_new_netlink_route function
      linux: make it possible to add/remove blackhole routes
      linux: export the olsr_new_netlink_route function
      Update version after branch of v0.6.7
      android: use the machine specific NDK instead of always the 32bit variant
      Merge branch 'linux-routes.v1'
      android: fix build on 32 bit platform (see 0295e11)
      linux: olsr_if_isup: fix return code in error path
      conf parser: fix a warning
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.7'
      linux: fix a typo
      sgw: move add/remove of ifchange handler to better place
      sgw: export multi_gateway_mode method
      sgw: make sure gw->ipv6 is always set for a new gateway
      sgw: cost calculation can now directly account for interface up/down status
      config parser: minor improvement for SmartGatewayEgressInterfaces
      pud: fix strto* result checking for out-of-range situations
      sgwdynspeed: fix strto* result checking for out-of-range situations
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.7'
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.7'
      release: fix up the CHANGELOG
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.7'
      sgw: fix deserialize_gw_speed
      txtinfo: fix formatting in ipc_print_sgw
      sgw: move 'struct sgw_egress_if' type into a separate include file
      sgw: store table & rule numbers in the sgw_egress_if structure
      sgw: add egress file reader settings
      sgw: add egress file reader
      sgw: track the interface index of an egress interface
      sgw: track the up status of an egress interface
      sgw: use the smartgw_tunnel_monitor to track up/down of egress interfaces
      sgw: introduce function to process multi-sgw changes
      sgw: determine best exit link in doRoutesMultiGw
      sgw: determine best overall link in doRoutesMultiGw
      sgw: add SmartGatewayStatusFile setting
      sgw: add the smart gateway status file writer
      sgw: add reportNewGateway function
      sgw: program best overall link routes
      sgw: program best egress link route
      sgw: program egress link routes
      sgwdynspeed: only allow the plugin in single-sgw mode
      sgw: fix default path costs for egress interfaces
      sgw: initialise the egress interfaces earlier
      sgw: lazily determine the sgw costs weights
      sgw: show all sgw tunnels in the output file instead of only the active one
      sgw: reset cached egress file timestamp on file access errors
      sgw: do not prematurely exit doRoutesMultiGw
      Merge branch 'msgw'
      sgw: do not make the egress types available only on linux
      sgw: initialise the egress best routes differently
      sgw: remove an unused variable
      sgw: unshadow a variable
      sgw: change the cached timestamp
      build: make TOPDIR an absolute path
      sgw: android has no getline(), implement it
      android: bump the NDK compiler version
      android: fixup regex makefile
      sgw: fix android build
      pud: duplicate android regex trick from nameservice
      sgw: always clear egress settings when this egress file is not readable
      Revert "sgw: always clear egress settings when this egress file is not readable"
      sgw: always clear egress settings when this egress file is not readable
      sgw: refresh the advertised speed when the best overall link changes
      sgw: when there is no best overall link advertise 0 bandwidth
      sgw: only advertise egress speeds
      sgw: refactor egress file change detection
      sgw: uplink and downlink fields can be 9 chars wide in the output file
      sgw: tune the status file for IPv4, making it a bit more compact
      sgw: use MAX_SMARTGW_SPEED instead of hard-coding it
      sgw: fix cost calculation for advertised speeds greater or equal than MAX
      sgw: the costs are signed numbers
      sgw: react to path cost changes on all active gateways
      txtinfo: fix output of /sgw command
      build: uberclean must also remove builddata.txt
      build: add some pud targets
      Rename 'struct interface' to 'struct interface_olsr'

Henning Rogge (6):
      Update version after release of v0.6.7.1
      Only use IPV6_TCLASS and IPV6_V6ONLY when defined
      Merge branch 'master' of git://olsr.org/olsrd
      Prevent memory leak when setting up new interface
      Fix bug of former commit
      Release v0.6.8

Nico Geyso (1):
      dyn gw plugin - add PingCmd parameter


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