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Sat Aug 17 11:10:05 CEST 2013

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The annotated tag, v0.6.6 has been created
        at  04bb7f2d84667d79fb3f5292cdb8f365d38eb674 (tag)
   tagging  6f9933eac677c45a6da5aecd0b088f84c05dac52 (commit)
  replaces  v0.6.5.2
 tagged by  Henning Rogge
        on  Sat Aug 17 11:03:40 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
OLSRd release 0.6.6
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Bastian Bittorf (3):
      [hotfix] plugin: httpinfo: in case of an unrecoverable error ("could not initialize HTTP socket") exit for returnvalue != 0
      plugin: dot_draw: readme: make it clear, that it only opens an IPv4-socket, so a 'telnet ::1 2004' is not possible
      plugin: dot_draw: readme: replaced a b0rken link

Ferry Huberts (146):
      Update version after branch of v0.6.5
      gateway: store current gateway(s) in a struct
      gateway: lazily allocate the current gateway structs
      gateway: add path_cost to 'set gateway' interface
      gateway: add interface to get the gateway costs
      gateway: simplify by using the new costs interface
      gateway: add gateway_list.{c,h}
      gateway: keep track of the active gateways in a list
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.5'
      pud: java make target is dependent on library make target
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.5'
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.5'
      json_info: only output smart gateway info on Linux
      kernel_route: olsr_os_inetgw_tunnel_route can now take the table
      gateway: let the gateway code determine the tunnel name
      gateway: remove the worst gateway before adding new one
      gateway: add SmartGatewayUseCount configuration parameter
      gateway: use SmartGatewayUseCount setting the the gateway lists
      gateway: add SmartGatewayEgressInterfaces configuration parameter
      gateway: add SmartGatewayMarkOffset{Egress,Tunnels} configuration parameters
      gateway: add SmartGatewayPolicyRoutingScript configuration parameter
      gateway: initialise a set of fixed tunnel names in/for multi-gateway mode
      gateway: initialise the egress interface names in/for multi-gateway mode
      gateway: use fixed tunnel names in/for multi-gateway mode
      gateway: setup and clear table specific default routes in/for multi-gateway mode
      gateway: setup/cleanup multi-gateway mode during startup/shutdown of olsrd
      gateway: introduce and use MULTI_GW_MODE define
      gateway: enable multi-gateway mode
      gateway: convert some defines into inline functions
      kernel_route: olsr_os_inetgw_tunnel_route now needs the table explicitly
      Merge branch 'multigw'
      gateway: remove 2 superfluous asserts
      gateway: add an assert to prevent an 'unused' warning
      gateway: also adjust the IPv6 gateway list in olsr_update_gateway_entry
      gateway: fix policy script permissions checking
      gateway: the gateway policy script really is a bash script
      gateway: minor indentation fixes in the gateway script
      gateway: fix copy/paste mistake in setting up the egress rules
      gateway: remove policy rules before adding them
      gateway: ignore errors in remove-before-add rule removals
      Revert "linux: name is required to be non-null in olsr_os_cleanup_iptunnel"
      gateway: do not show (bogus) errors
      gateway: cleanup the server tunnel later
      cfgparser: add SmartGatewayAlwaysRemoveServerTunnel configuration parameter
      gateway: use SmartGatewayAlwaysRemoveServerTunnel configuration parameter
      gateway: fix a revert problem
      gateway: use tnl_(4|6) tunnel names instead of tnl(4|6)_
      gateway: properly set the egress interface names
      json_info: do not loop forever on smart gateway egress interfaces
      pud: the best uplink gateway is the same as the current (smart) gateway
      pud: there is no hard dependency on smart gateway
      pud: only forward downlinked messages when the smart gateway system is enabled
      pud: update documentation about smart gateway changes
      gateway: fix 2 small typos in a comment
      Revert "pud: the best uplink gateway is the same as the current (smart) gateway"
      pud: minor update resulting from the previous revert
      pud: minor update to getBestUplinkGateway
      gateway: minor improvement to get_unused_iptunnel_name
      gateway: update some comments
      gateway: remove 2 unneeded asserts
      gateway: use standard macro to loop over the gateway tree in olsr_cleanup_gateways
      gateway: fix 'eligible' conditions in gw_default_choose_gateway
      gateway: minor speed improvement in gw_default_choose_gateway
      android: fix the path of the tunnel node in the /dev tree
      pud: use the proper __ANDROID__ define
      gateway: allow advertisement of zero bandwidth
      gateway: add some comments
      gateway: also set (update) the gateway when costs have changed
      gateway: find_interfaceName only works in multi-gateway mode
      gateway: simplify gw_default_calc_threshold
      gateway: improve comments of gw_default_weigh_costs a bit
      gateway: rename some variables to make it more readable
      gateway: fix stable count dampening in gw_default_timer
      gateway: do not use bitwise operators for logic conditions
      gateway: reverse semantics of two variables
      gateway: always select a new gateway when threshold != 0
      main: add -pidfile command line option
      main: fix pidfile compilation on windows
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.5'
      make: enable 32/64 bit cross compilation
      pud: pull in nmealib v1.0.4
      gateway: remove some 'unused' code from sgw script
      make: fix typos in 'enable 32/64 bit cross compilation' commit
      pud: enable 32/64 bit cross compilation for the java build
      make: ifdef fixups
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.5'
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.5'
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.5'
      pud: detect the java include directory
      dyn_gw: remove bogus include
      make: fix a type in the Linux SUBDIRS assignment
      make: add dyn_gw, mdns and p2pd to the Android SUBDIRS
      pud: update nmealib 32/64 cross compilation
      Revert "pud: update nmealib 32/64 cross compilation"
      main: fix 2 minor warnings for win64 build on debian squeeze
      make: only install sgw related files when sgw is supported
      mdns: fix container_of pointer arith
      mdns: don't use non-standard ushot type
      mdns: fix three alignment warnings
      mdns: supported on Android
      p2pd: supported on Android
      make: ensure win32 install respects DESTDIR
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.5'
      gateway: work around kernel IPIP module initialisation bug
      gateway: fix overlap in success/fail IPIP tunnel init
      doc: make the documentation generation commands a bit more verbose
      pud: detect the java include directory
      pud: better detection of java jdk
      pud: better detection of java jdk
      gateway: work around kernel IPIP module initialisation bug
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.5'
      PUD: nmealib: fix parsing of date in GPRMC
      pud: nmealib: fixup the previous commit
      main: use /dev/urandom by default
      main: use /dev/urandom by default
      pud: set local loopback for multicast tx
      pud: set local loopback for multicast tx
      Merge branch 'release-0.6.5'
      arprefresh: fix some spelling
      arprefresh: document the BPF program to make it readable
      arprefresh: use the ARRAYSIZE macro
      arprefresh: remove a comment
      arprefresh: do not process IPv6 packets when in IPv4 mode
      arprefresh: add a note about VLANs and IPv6
      remove pthread usage as much as possible
      Branch v0.6.6
      Remove mercurial ignore file; we use git
      build: ignore builddata.c when hashing sources
      build: move build data into its own include file
      gateway: always deal with 64bit scaled path costs
      gateway: introduce and use removeGatewayFromList function
      gateway: add SmartGatewayTakeDownPercentage configuration parameter
      gateway: proactively take down 'expensive' gateways
      release: fix the list of generated files
      release: update some comments
      release: refactor the checkVersionIncrementing function
      release: do not update the version on master when it's already higher
      release: only report that master changed when it was actually changed
      release: checkVersionIncrementing: optionally allow equal versions
      release: also check against the Makefile version when branching
      txtinfo: prevent buffer overflow
      pud: nmealib: _nmea_parse_time not parsing hsec when given "hhmmss" format
      build: really _ignore_ builddata.c when hashing sources
      build: only print the md5 hash in hash_source.sh
      Makefile: fix builddata when building from tarball
      pud: fix readIPAddress function

Hans-Christoph Steiner (3):
      GNU/Linux: add service profile for 'ufw' firewall package
      update Commotion example olsrd.conf to represent current project state
      dyn_gw/dyn_gw_plain require /proc, remove from default build on non-Linux

Henning Rogge (7):
      Fixed debug output of Scheduler polling interval
      Fix multicast join for IPv6
      Merge branch 'master' of http://olsr.org/git/olsrd
      Update version after release of v0.6.5.2
      Update version after release of v0.6.5.2
      Fix build break for MinGW compilation on Fedora 19.
      Release v0.6.6

Ronald in 't Velt (1):
      Fix setsockopt for setting Traffic Class in IPv6

Saverio Proto (3):
      main: fix the check on inet_pton return value because it returns 1 on success.
      mDNS: remove from Makefile PTHREAD useless dependency
      txtinfo: update README file

Scott Kidder (1):
      jsoninfo: ensure output is wrapped in curly braces.

Vasilis Tsiligiannis (1):
      olsrd-quagga: Fix memory leak when adding and deleting routes

equinox (1):
      quagga plugin routes additional


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