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Thu Apr 25 23:37:50 CEST 2013

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The annotated tag, master-stable-switch has been created
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  replaces  OLSRD_0_6_3
 tagged by  Ferry Huberts
        on  Thu Apr 25 22:46:12 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Here we changed the branching model.

The master branch was overwritten because it was stale/dead
and the stable brnach became the master branch.

Signed-off-by: Ferry Huberts <(spam-protected)>

Aaron Kaplan (2):
      merged README-Olsr-Extension to master branch
      ok, remove it again, -commit mailing list works

Alexander Wenzel (2):
      Add CSV-Output-Mode to the txtinfo-Plugin.
      Fix typo in readme

Alina Friedrichsen (3):
      this patch adds IPv6-support to the httpinfo plugin. Beside it fixes a double free bug in the plugin and an endian bug in the mail olsrd.
      * bug fix

Amadeus (3):
      rollback due to build issues
      plugin re-import with fixed code due to api changes
      fixing crash due to wrong function call

Bernd Petrovitsch (234):
      made list_head_init(), list_node_init(), list_node_on_list(), and list_is_empty() inline
      - killed a few "not initialized" warnings
      more inlining and a bug fix:
      inline small functions
      merge with upstream
      * merge with upstream
      added "-funit-at-a-time" to the gcc options. Newer gccs (e.g. 4.3.0 on Fedora 9)
      - the "cookies" array is used only here. So make it "static".
      draft bugfix to the times(2) overrun situation
      typo fixes
      added "-funit-at-a-time" to the gcc options. Newer gccs (e.g. 4.3.0 on Fedora 9)
      - moved the declarations of ipc_init() and shutdown_ipc() from src/defs.h
      - moved the declarations of ipc_init() and shutdown_ipc() from src/defs.h
      typo fixes
      * added missing #include
      Major cleanup with the goal to free src/defs.h from all sorts of stuff
      * grrmml, and we need another #include of course
      * kill unused variables
      * added support of EXTRA_WARNINGS similar to EXTRA_CFLAGS and EXTRA_CPPFLAGS
      * fixed the first compile error on Win32
      merged with tip
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      * build fix
      * fixed Win32 compile errors and warnings
      * made bmf plugin compile. I don't know if that is useful or even correct.
      merge bmf fix
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      * compile fixes for *BSD
      * added (again) a macro to annotate debugging-only variables. And use it.
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      * activate -Wshadow
      * fxied compiler warning
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      * ooops, make it compile again
      * merge with tip
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      * x86_64 warning fix
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      [mq]: larger-inline
      * warning fixes
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      imported patch inc-inline-limit
      [mq]: fix-win-build
      [mq]: fix-win-build
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      fix windows build
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      * fix win build
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      * fixed broken push
      Added tag qtip for changeset ca3bfb5b57f0
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      - fix building on x86_64: "long" is 64bit there and according to the
      removed superflous -ifndef
      * make it compile without -DUSE_FPM
      imported patch avoid-duplicate-define
      [mq]: use-c99-bool
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      * added missing __attribute__((unsed))
      * grrrmmbl, fixed unwanted changes
      * * *
      Bugfix and work on the httpinfo plugin
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Cleanup socket_parser.[ch]
      Cleanup ipc_frontend
      Cleanup parser.[ch]
      Make the socket parser more general
      Cleanup scheduler.[ch]
      Merge socket_parser.[ch] into scheduler.[ch]
      Cleanup the signal handlers
      Simplify scheduler.c
      Replace the nanosleep() with select()
      Cleanup net_olsr.[ch]
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      imported patch scheduler-fixes
      Misc build fixes
      imported patch extend-scheduler
      Cleanup and bugfix the txtinfo plugin
      Convert the numbers to a bitmask
      Complete the update the txtinfo plugin to not use the pollrate callback function
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      set the correct file descriptor non-blocking
      * remove unnecessary #include
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Make the txtinfo plugin work on Wn32
      fixup olsr_ip_prefix_to_string()
      imported patch use-c99-bool
      imported patch scheduler-fixes
      make the TIME macros work on 64bit hardware
      newer flex need that everywhere
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Bugfix: make olsrd_write_cnf() and olsrd_write_cnf() dump the same values
      Remove a copy of config-file generator code and data
      call "remove_olsr_socket(fd, ...)" before "close(fd)"
      cleanup src/scheduler.c
      kill unused stuff
      kill struct unknown_message
      imported patch factor-out-common-code-in-generate_msg.c
      imported patch cleanup-parser.c
      Convert the pollrate variable internally to an unsigned int with the unit "microseconds"
      imported patch tas-cleanups
      Add bug fixes by andrea <(spam-protected)>
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Convert the pollrate variable internally to an unsigned int with the unit "microseconds"
      trivial cleanups removing some global variables in the TAS plugin
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      fix build on Win32
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      imported patch remove-superfluous-typecasts
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      * killed debug stuff
      - make locally only used olsr_add_mpr_selector() "static"
      Compare an int with an int (and not a float). And the comparison
      * fixed a comment
      * added support for EXTRA_LDFLAGS similar to the other EXTRA_ variables
      * trivial: fixed HTML and grammar
      Win32 compile fix
      killed a #define similar to olsr.c
      move olsr_times() into scheduler.[ch] - now_times is also there
      Ooops, fix th compile breakage
      fixed format string
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      kill a completely superflous event handler registration
      Introduce a real PREFIX variable
      kill holes in data structures
      Cleanup of the dot-draw plugin
      make src/unix/ifnet.[ch] more readable
      Cleanup tc_set.{c,h}
      File cleanup
      kill raise(2) ...
      inline olsr_hyst_calc_stability() and olsr_hyst_calc_instability()
      imported patch mv-init
      reduce local variables
      #if-0-out an unused function
      * we do not want math.h
      fixed compile ergressions. Renamed the variables "sin" and "exp" to something different.
      imported patch misc-cleanups
      * we can eliminate more with #if
      * Bug fix: That should be IMHO there.
      * killed an unused variable
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      * killed an unused variable
      Factor out the buffer code and use it elsewhere
      fix comment
      fix compile warnings for gcc-4.3.2
      add more timer cookies
      imported patch factor-out-common-code-in-process_package.c
      make a locally-only used function "static"
      kill a hardcoded local divider to reduce the timer frequency
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      remove unnecessary #include's in src/process_routes.c
      the spf_backoff_timer is used locally only
      * fixed the formatting - both in the source and in the generated config
      imported patch add-nameservice-db-timer-cookie
      [mq]: add-mprs-cookie
      imported patch inline-one-liners-from-mpr_selector_set.c
      imported patch add-bmf-timer-cookie
      * killed unnecessary #include
      * added timer cookies to the missing plugins
      added assert()s to enforce timer cookies
      * killed a function prototype without function
      added "Local Variables"
      fixed a timer NULL pointer.
      imported patch trivial-httpinfo-fixes
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      trivial httpinfo fixes
      imported patch use-list.h-for-mpr-selector-set
      imported patch inline-local-functions-in-mpr_selector_set.c
      imported patch inline-list.c
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      added OS-specific function to make a file descriptor/socket non-blocking
      Cleanup src/linux/kernel_routes.c a little
      fix timer stats
      Kill the recursion in olsr_get_timer() with a trivial core reorganization.
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      kill the get_next_timer() function
      * killed an unused variable
      * whietspace and radability fixes
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Let the olsrd find the olsrd.conf in the PREFIXed directory
      Let the olsrd find the olsrd.conf in the PREFIXed directory
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      - quote values - just to be sure
      * trivial compile fix for Windows
      ooops, fixed stupid typo
      Avoid duplicated logic to get the config filename (and reduce preprocessor symbols)
      imported patch repair-olsr_print_neighbor_table
      solve the __attribute__ for all instances everywhere without cluttering the source
      * fixed bug on behalf of Sven-Ola and Henning
      added '?' to make it more clear
      also activate -Werrro in the development corner
      imported patch add-indent-tabs-mode-nil
      * added a "Local Variables\ section to all .h and .c files
      coding style cleanup
      * use long option names - they are more readable
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      * use the proper cleanup function
      * improved variable naming
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Trivial stuff
      Trivial stuff
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      allow sinple overwriting of the INLINE #define to look for errors
      * use the ARRAYSIZE macro everywhere
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Automated merge with http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd
      Remove the olsr-specific duplicated types
      * an addon to the last one with a few missing files
      * try a compile fix
      Fixed an embarrassing bug if we want to generate a netmask from a prefix == 0.
      we use #if in the source so let's always #define SUPPORT_OLD_PLUGIN_VERSIONS
      * comment out an otherwise unused variable
      added parentheses arounf macro argument
      removed a write-only variable
      we use #if in the source so let's always #define YYENABLE_NLS aand YYLTYPE_IS_TRIVIAL
      - use #if 0 ... #endif to comment out code
      commented out write-only variables
      removed an unreachable line
      node is a pointer so compare it against NULL
      removed an unused struct
      fixed formatting
      Fix various format strings
      close all file descriptors (except stdin. stdout, stderr) before execv()
      * #if-0-out an unused field. Should I remoive it?
      * make it compile with bounds-chcking gcc-4.0.2 again

Daniel Ribeiro (1):
      change warning options

Eric Malkowski (2):
      The integer plugin parameter handler should be used for dyn gw's
      add make target for arprefresh

Erik Tromp (1):
      Just a test if "git commit" works.

Ferry Huberts (204):
      mdns: fix uninitialised pointer for first nonOlsrInterface
      Makefile: add INCLUDEDIR and DOCDIR_OLSRD
      sgwdynspeed: install example speed config file in DOCDIR_OLSRD
      PUD: nmealib: rework Makefile
      PUD: wireformat: rework Makefile
      PUD: wireformat-java: rework Makefile
      PUD: quote paths in Makefile
      PUD: install example position config file in DOCDIR_OLSRD
      linux: add support for common (autoconf) make variables (v3)
      sgwdynspeed: add asserts to readUL
      sgwdynspeed: errno is not set by strtoul function, so don't use it
      sgwdynspeed: no need to report regcomp error strings
      sgwdynspeed: do not use nanosecond stat information
      PUD: cfg: do max count check on rxAllowedSourceIpAddressesCount earlier
      PUD: cfg: make RxAllowedSourceIpAddress use union olsr_sockaddr
      PUD: cfg: refactor rxMcAddr functions
      PUD: cfg: refactor txMcAddr functions
      PUD: cfg: refactor uplinkAddr functions
      PUD: cfg: remove unused function getOlsrSockAddrAndPortAddresses
      PUD: cfg: simplify getOlsrSockaddrPortAddress function
      PUD: cfg: simplify isMulticast function
      PUD: cfgTools: move read{ULL,Double} into configTools
      PUD: cfgTools: review
      PUD: cfgTools: errno is not set by strto* functions, so don't use it
      PUD: cfgTools: add read{Bool,UC,US,IPAddress}
      PUD: cfg: move getOlsrSockaddrPortAddress into netTools.h
      PUD: cfg: use readIPAddress in configuration
      PUD: cfg: use readUS
      PUD: cfg: use readBool
      PUD: cfg: remove pointless comments of setters
      PUD: cfg: replace 'Configured %s' by 'Value of parameter %s'
      PUD: cfg: review and simplify
      PUD: cfg: fix a comment
      PUD: cfg: reorder uplink/downlink functions
      PUD: cfg: simplify getOlsrSockaddrPortAddress function further
      PUD: cfg: use in_port_t when dealing with ports
      PUD: cfg: return default port when addr is NULL in getOlsrSockaddrPort
      PUD: cfg: clear nodeIdBinary.set in setNodeId
      PUD: receiver: do not touch olsr_cnf->pud_position when HTTPINFO_PUD is not defined
      PUD: receiver: make uplink work with IPv6
      PUD: pud: remove unused sender fields from packetReceivedFromDownlink
      PUD: pud: make IPv6 work in sendToAllTxInterfaces
      PUD: nwif: add a documentation tag
      PUD: nwif: use the correct address size in rx and downlink socket binding
      PUD: nwif: reorder some variables
      PUD: nwif: hand rxMcAddr to createRxInterface and createRxSocket
      PUD: nwif: hand the interface address to create{R,T}xInterface
      PUD: nwif: create a downlink socket for the same IP version as the configured uplink address
      PUD: nwif: txTtl must be an int
      PUD: nwif: use interface address to detect whether it's an olsr interface
      PUD: nwif: make sure {r,t}xNonOlsr interfaces are of the right IP version
      PUD: nwif: only evaluatie IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
      PUD: nwif: fix indenting
      PUD: nwif: make joining the multicast group on the rx socket creation work for IPv6
      PUD: nwif: make setting ttl on tx socket work for IPv6
      PUD: nwif: make the tx socket binding work for IPv6
      PUD: nwif: remove unused olsr interfaces list
      PUD: nwif: remove unused setting of address variable for IPv6 case
      PUD: don't use 'struct sockaddr *' when not needed
      PUD: posFile: add comments
      PUD: posFile: fix leaking regexComment on error path
      PUD: posFile: use case insensitive regular expression matching
      PUD: posFile: do not use nanosecond stat information
      Revert "linux: add support for common (autoconf) make variables (v3)"
      jsoninfo: fix compile warnings on windows
      PUD: fix compile warnings
      Makefile: quote some arguments
      unix: fix compile warning
      httpinfo: fix compile warning
      android: regex: fix compile warnings
      android: regex: fix compile warnings
      android: regex: fix compiler warnings
      android:regex: fix compiler warning
      android: regex: fix compiler warnings
      android: regex: fix compiler warnings
      android: regex: fix compiler warnings
      sgwdynspeed: remove -Werror from CFLAGS
      sgwdynspeed: supported on android
      sgwdynspeed: add to default Linux and Android make targets
      PUD: improve unsupported OS reporting
      PUD: remove -Werror from CFLAGS
      PUD: nmealib: remove -Werror from CFLAGS
      PUD: wireformat: no need to check OS, done by PUD makefile
      Makefile.inc: workaround for Android WARNINGS flags
      android: regex: fix some eclipse warnings
      PUD: nmealib: get rid of NMEA_POSFIX define
      PUD: nmealib: remove unused NMEA_INLINE define
      PUD: nmealib: get rid of NMEA_ASSERT
      PUD: nmealib: import v0.6.10
      PUD: minor documentation tag fixup
      PUD: remove ipAddress from _TRxTxNetworkInterface struct
      PUD: make name a normal char array in _TRxTxNetworkInterface
      PUD: remove usage of getifaddrs
      PUD: need an in_port_t typedef on Android
      PUD: supported on Android
      PUD: add to default Linux and Android make targets
      android: do not echo makefile commands for regex build
      PUD: use fully qualified path to ldconfig
      android: regex: revert fixes
      linux: add forgotten SHAREDIR make variable
      PUD: nmealib: remove config.h include
      PUD: fix getting the update flags in gpsFromOlsr
      PUD: fix setting up network interface.
      PUD: fix 2 warnings
      PUD: nmealib: do not optimise when compiling with debug
      PUD: fix snprintf length confusion
      PUD: fix averaging of direction
      PUD: clear speed and direction when stationary
      force copy the olsrd.conf file during install
      Revert "force copy the olsrd.conf file during install"
      Makefile: rework OpenWRT 900-force_copy_olsrd_conf_file.patch
      Makefile: install olsrd.conf as olsr.conf.new when it already exists
      PUD: remove left-over debug printf's
      PUD: remove (more/last) left-over debug printf's
      httpinfo: print position header
      httpinfo: update 'PUD plugin not loaded' message formatting
      httpinfo: put the position table in a paragraph
      httpinfo: change the default zoom level on OpenStreetMap
      httpinfo: also show the position on the 'All' tab
      httpinfo: properly close the table row on the position tab
      httpinfo: split table start and nodeId
      httpinfo: also print smask
      httpinfo: add some comments
      httpinfo: replace all "N.A."s by a static string
      httpinfo: decrease pud nodeId buffer size
      httpinfo: minor simplification in pud body function
      httpinfo: update pud signal descriptions
      httpinfo: update includes for pud
      pud: minor simplification in posAvg
      pud: remove inlining from wireformat library
      pud: include nmealib v1.0.0
      pud: adjust to new nmealib
      pud: fix some comments
      pud: it's 'Magnetic Variation', not 'Magnetic Variance'
      pud: upgrade doxygen configuration files
      pud: minor simplification to receiver
      pud: hook up the nmea library error callback
      pud: simplify pudError a bit
      pud: allow logging to syslog
      pud: switch to syslog logging on successful loading of plugin
      pud: fix angle averaging
      pud: include nmealib v1.0.1
      pud: posavg: fix typo in calculateAngle
      pud: posavg: minor simplification
      pud: posavg: don't add an angle if it is not present
      pud: posavg: make sure to put track, mtrack and magvar in the cumulative
      httpinfo: position: also show satellite information when available
      main: fix a typo
      gateway: fix lazy gateway selection
      pud: nmealib: increase the number of satellites
      gateway: fix serialize_gw_speed
      gateway: only advertise linkspeed when the link is bi-directional
      man: fix a minor issue in the man page
      pud: nmealib: also build a static library
      pud: statically link nmealib if PUD_NMEALIB_STATICALLY_LINKED is defined
      android: port linux make 'prefix' work
      gateway: reorder functions
      gateway: initialise variables in the declaration order
      gateway: shift up the #ifdef linux
      gateway: make olsr_gw_default_lookup_gateway function static
      gateway: remove an unused include
      gateway: use the same 'ifdef linux' and the header and source file
      gateway: split variable declarations
      gateway: fixup includes
      gateway: add some comments
      gateway: add some comments
      gateway: minor simplification
      gateway: let init and cleanup functions take the name as parameter
      gateway: make refresh_smartgw_netmask static
      gateway: make olsr_trigger_inetgw_selection
      gateway: make olsr_find_gateway_entry static
      gateway: add some comments
      gateway: reorder functions
      gateway: remove some unused code in refresh_smartgw_netmask
      gateway: simplify deserialize_gw_speed
      gateway: simplify and inline olsr_find_gateway_entry
      gateway: introduce OLSR_IP_ADDR_2_HNA_PTR helper
      gateway: add and update lots of comments
      gateway: initialise all variables in olsr_init_gateways
      gateway: add some asserts on gw_handler
      gateway: minor simplification to olsr_trigger_gatewayloss_check
      gateway: remove an unused variable in olsr_update_gateway_entry
      gateway: minor simplification to olsr_delete_gateway_entry
      gateway: minor simplification to olsr_set_inet_gateway
      gateway: reset bandwidth to zero when no link speed is advertised
      gateway: ignore unreachable gateways
      gateway: ignore zero bandwidth and uni-directional links
      gateway: fix deserialisation of 0 in deserialize_gw_speed
      pud: ignore zero bandwidth/uni-directional link gateways
      gateway: update logic of gw_default_delete_handler
      gateway: improve gw_default_update_handler a bit
      gateway: add helper function gw_default_calc_threshold
      gateway: make smart gateway threshold parameter work properly.
      gateway: rename a variable
      bmf: allow marking the BMF network interface as non-persistent
      pud: cfg: mark BMF interface as non-persistent
      cfg: add SmartGateway weighing parameters
      gateway: calculate with uint64_t i.s.o. olsr_linkcost
      gateway: add exit link weighing
      pud: add SmartGatewayWeightExitLink and SmartGatewayWeightEtx
      linux: consolidate os_ip4_tunnel and os_ip6_tunnel
      linux: name is required to be non-null in olsr_os_cleanup_iptunnel
      linux: rework usage of defines w.r.t. IPv6 tunnel
      PUD: nmealib: use fully qualified path to ldconfig

Hannes Gredler (131):
      re-indent duplicate_set code
      do not build empty TC messages, kill the empty_tc_timer
      remove unnecessary cleanup call for empty TC messages
      MID refactoring phase #1
      refactor MID message parsing
      make the duplicate set code use our lightweight memory manager
      resolve FreeBSD build break
      convert the inbound msg filter to an AVL tree
      Do not automatically add a filter entry for ourselves
      init MID subtree in the lsdb
      do not reset the mid_timer since its needed for a proper clean up
      HNA refactoring phase #1
      print correct HNA net when DEBUG is on
      backout debug settings from last commit
      rework the buffer holddown timer to use the new timer API
      re-indent interface code
      bump version to pre-0.5.7
      remove max_jitter references since its not required after conversion to the new timer API
      rework the HNA input parser
      cleanup strange looking MID code
      add a sample config for olsr_switch using hemu interfaces
      allocate some cookies to reduce unknown timers
      add a cookie for the 2-Hop Neighbor list expiration timer
      reset timer pointers after stopping
      make memory cookie API names for consistent
      add debug support for the memory manager:
      make the timer API use the block based (cookie) memory manager
      bugfix timer bucket walk:
      bugfix: do a proper list merging of the temporary timer list
      hard inline all list_ manipulation functions
      bugfix: init filter tree before doing manipulations
      speedup avl library:
      make the interface code use our lightweight memory manager
      refcount protect interfaces
      lock/unlock the underlying interface when installing routes
      bugfix: stop buffer_hold_timer when deleting an interface
      bugfix: do not overwrite interfaces references in the link
      bugfix: add lock for the reference from the config interface to the real interface
      slash duplicate code:
      bugfix: delete all link entries matching a given IP address.
      replace the single linked list of all interfaces with a list_node.
      make nameservice plugin use the correct interface iterator
      remove tas plugin from the source tree as nobody is using this
      add valgrind support for our block based memory manager
      add valgrind memcheck macros
      work around valgrind memcheck false positives:
      fix valgrind false positive upon olsr shutdown:
      flush all timers at shutdown
      flush the link-state database at shutdown
      change socket single linked list to double linked list
      proper initialize socket head
      fix comment
      bugfix: stop mid timer when deleting a tc_entry
      flush the mid database at shutdown
      flush the config at shutdown
      rework RIB to use interface pointer rather than interface index
      fresh routes are identified that the nexthop pointer is *not* set
      break off remove_interfcae() from chk_if_changed()
      slash duplicate remove_interface() code
      bugfix: refcount protect the mid_timer
      remove the "configured" flag from olsr interface configs:
      cleanup chk_if_up for unix
      flush the duplicate set at shutdown
      http_info plugin: flush the allowed nets at shutdown
      fix build break under macosx
      resolve build break when DEBUG is off
      we should not fix things by faking up protocol state.
      cosmetic change of route-type enumeration
      remove lq_plugin argument names from declarations
      Add a rt_path for every link-end of a link.
      remove laste remnant of interface index based RIB
      do not forget to unlock interface when flushing a rt_path
      bugfix: only attempt to delete a route which previously has been set
      use the correct originator for the 1-hop MID shortcut routes
      add support for multiple route sources per originator
      speed up the AVL comparison function for prefix manipulation
      bugfix: set origin when initializinga rt_path
      bugfix: do not use the same comparator function for rt_entry and rt_path
      cosmetic: reduce local variables in add_link_entry()
      add an tc_edge for every link
      reset nodes prior to insertion
      sprinkle a few asserts to detect interface list corruption
      bugfix: mark local generated edges and protect it from getting removed beause of ANSN mismatch
      bugfix: destroy link to tc_edge refs, when deleting a tc_edge entry
      add a bit of guidance how to make a release
      disambiguate the per-originator subtree as per Heniings request.
      depreciate the OLSR_FOR_ALL_HNA_RT_ENTRIES macro
      add new tc/tc-edge expiration debug entries
      The TC entry is the hookup point for all sort of leaf information of the link-state database.
      reduce TC vtime jitter from 25% down to 5%
      rename neighbor and neighbor2_list entry, preparation for neighbor refactoring
      bitfield packing for nbr entries
      maintain the correct refcount for tc_myself
      further renames in the nbr code, preparation for neighbor refactoring
      Added tag OLSRD_BEFORE_NBR_REFACTORING for changeset c715080cb051
      refactor the neighbor database
      Backed out changeset 41628211a409 - something got way broken during merging
      fixup the Makefile such that it tolerates the string "changeset" in the commit message,
      ignore *-backup files
      refactor the neighbor database (second attempt)
      Added tag OLSRD_AFTER_NBR_REFACTORING for changeset 8afe0a863336
      bugfix: init key prior to AVL insertion
      bugfix: for auto-deleted routes display the gw and not the interface to avoid a NULL ref
      renames in the nbr2 code, preparation for neighbor2 refactoring
      remove timer reference when stopping timer
      add the rename script which i have used for refactoring
      add a clean lock/unlock model for nbr2 references
      Backed out changeset 341605a12011
      resolve merge conflicts
      kill all nbr2 references prior to removing a nbr2
      further renames, preparation for neighbor2 refactoring
      bugfix: remove unnecessary unlock
      do not clear the timer without stopping it
      convert the nbr2 table to use avl trees
      convert the nbr_list references subtree to use avl trees
      bugfix: fix double free of a nbr2 by not recursing through olsr_nbr2_unlock
      add memory management for nbr2 and nbr_list entries
      rename: zero-change commit
      remove inclusion of hash routines, we do not need them anylonger
      fixup comments, nbr2 refactoring is now complete
      Added tag OLSRD_AFTER_NBR2_REFACTORING for changeset 3283602d3be7
      squelch compiler warning
      code-cosmetics: zero-change commit for lq_mpr
      convert the MPR selector list to an AVL tree
      zero-change: cosmetic code cleanup
      bugfix: add duplicate key support for cookie names
      resolve non DEBUG buildbreak
      resolve REMOVE_LOG_INFO buildbreak
      create 0.6.0 branch
      add todo list for 0.6.0
      keep a per dup_set timer rather than a shared timer with expensive cumulative walks

Hans-Christoph Steiner (30):
      jsoninfo: get lots of info from /sys/class/net/wlan0/* for the /interfaces report
      jsoninfo: add the possibility of loading a UUID from a file specified in olsrd.conf
      jsoninfo: rename the two MTU data points for clarity
      jsoninfo: clean up comments and debug stuff
      jsoninfo: simplify parsing by removing the "data": [] array surrounding the data
      jsoninfo: list IPC connection accept rules in a JSON array
      jsoninfo: convert comma insertion logic to be based on depth, to support arrays in arrays
      jsoninfo: fully implement MID report with arrays of addresses and subarrays of aliases
      jsoninfo: downcase plugin keys since they can have any case, and convert int/long values to JSON int
      jsoninfo: noFork should be a boolean
      jsoninfo: get kernel module for a given interface using /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/driver/module
      olsrd-adhoc-setup: replace hard-coded if name with the right variable
      (GNU/Linux build) add support for prefix, libdir, sbindir, etc vars and set default prefix to /usr/local
      android: the pud plugin requires NDK r8, so document this
      fix all man page warnings: Debian/Ubuntu don't have T<, T> and URL macros
      olsrd-adhoc-setup: accept interface, channel, SSID, and BSSID as args; default to commotion net
      olsrd-adhoc-setup: try using "nmcli dev disconnect" instead of "wifi off" since sometimes that unloads the wifi driver
      jsoninfo: updated README with description of what this plugin is for
      jsoninfo: added examples using curl and wget to the README
      jsoninfo: add data from /sys/class/net/if/wireless to /interfaces
      jsoninfo: updated interface config info (LQ mults, emission intervals, validity times, etc.)
      included example olsrd.conf.funkfeuer from http://wiki.funkfeuer.at/index.php/OLSR-Konfiguration
      included source link in olsrd.conf.funkfeuer
      jsoninfo: fix typo
      jsoninfo: move local HNA set in olsrd.conf from the "hna" to the "config" section
      jsoninfo: include the relative time since olsrd started in the outer wrapper as "timeSinceStartup"
      example olsrd.conf for Commotion project
      jsoninfo: change Route->"interface" key to "networkInterface" to ease scraping using Java
      android: update comment describing build command line for correctness
      jsoninfo: fix crash in /interfaces when olsrd is using a net interface that is not up

Henning Rogge (372):
      FIX: shut down a small compiler warning
      Style cleanup: replace tabs with 8 spaces in parser.c
      First prototype of new duplicate detection algorithm
      Merged with duplicate set prototype
      Fix: forward unknown packages
      Fix logic but in forwarding sequence duplicate check
      Bugfix for BMF (thanks eric)
      Watchdog plugin
      merged head change with watchdog plugin
      Delete hysteresis functions (they block the following refactoring)
      remove last parts of hysteresis consts/structs
      Remove non-lq data structures
      remove hysteresis.[ch]
      don't fail with error in message parser with unknown config option (part 1)
      merged with "remove hysteresis[ch]" hotfix
      remove unused function from lq_plugin.[ch]
      Refactoring of lq_plugin.
      Allow txtinfo to use multiple allowed ip addresses
      Fix small stupid bug in txtinfo patch
      FIX: don't output routes without interface in txtinfo to prevent segfault
      FIX: etx_ff metric
      Merged with fix: etx_ff metrix
      convert ip_prefix_list to common/list datastructure
      set constants for ip_acl plugin parameters
      Add framework for new logging routines
      handle log_source all in --log parameter
      allow multiple log targets for new logging system
      A little bit support for dynamic logging handler
      Better handling of dynamic loggers
      rough rfc hysteresis implementation
      Output all logging events in debug mode before log system is initialized.
      Prevent DOS-Style attack on txtinfo when more than 255 bytes are send to the plugini
      Move filehandling for logfile into olsr_logging.c
      Add graceful fallback for logging if fopen fails
      calculate global mask for logging events to speedup events that
      force timevalue for logging to (long) to prevent compiler error
      New parameter 'OriginatorAddress' to set a fixed main ip for the routing agent.
      Add logging parameter to manpage.
      Mention log config option in manpage
      Rename main-ip into routerid in manpage, configfile and olsr_cnf.
      Move logging sources/severities into their own file.
      Add mercurial revision to custom build olsrds and tarballs
      Put version string creation into one file because OSX seems to have problems with the "echo -n"
      Move olsr_cnf cleanup down in olsr_shutdown() to prevent some segfaults
      Adds mode parameter to interface section of cfg.
      Fix a build break for BSD and two possible buffer overflows
      FIX: hanging topology entries when neighbor vanishes
      Improvement for lq_ff metric (goes slowly down if no packages are received over a link)
      First batch of olsrd logging changes
      Changed lq-plugin system to new logger
      Bugfixes for new logging code
      Convert duplicate set to new logger.
      Update for txtinfo plugin, new command is "/stats"
      Bugfix for new txtinfo code... thank you Aaron for testing it.
      Export getRelevantTcCount()
      Some more text about lq_etx_float and lq_etx_fpm parameter.
      /cookies option for txtinfo
      FIX: compiler warning in txtinfo
      Bugfix for etx_ff
      Bugfix for logging output
      IMPORTANT bugfix for txtinfo plugin.
      FIX: double free between rt_path and rt_entry lists because of
      Add sanity check for avl_delete
      Apply indent to txtinfo.c
      Replace local tc_entries after main-ip change
      FIX: Drop packages with same seqno in etx_ff (most likely a layer1/2 problem)
      Source IP patch
      Allow configuration of olsr port
      Configurable dynamic library path
      More use of the new logger (WIP)
      More Logger stuff
      WTF ???
      Switch of warning in ipcalc.c
      Even more logging refactorings
      More logger stuff
      remove ipequal functions, they are often mixed up with ipcmp()
      FIX: avl comparators
      Protect OLSR against jumping timestamps of system.
      src directory mostly changed to new logger
      Convert some plugins to new logger
      OLSR_PRINTF removed from all active code except win32 specific stuff
      Add new logging options, add legacy "debug" option
      Disable forking if legacy debug level is used with parameter > 0
      Small bugfixes and enhanced help for configuration parser
      Some cleanup and logging during startup
      Changes for new logger for win32. Not testet at all.
      rename two logging options
      Bugfix for logging praeprocessor directives
      Win32 Bugfixes, first part
      BSD IPv6 multicast fix by John Hay
      Lot's of small bugfixes for logging
      Fix parser for olsr --debug option
      Change olsr-port and dlpath option to 0.5.6 names
      Small compiler bugfixes for parser
      Port of RTNetlink code from 0.5.6 by Markus Kittenberger
      style cleanup of makefile
      Prevent double link tc_edge creation
      Cleanup in MID and Topology output
      Remove part of mid debug message (removed the other part yesterday)
      Cleanup logging control by makefile
      Do not remember LQ information UNSPEC_LINK neighbors in Hellos.
      Small changes (more debug output) for log option parser
      Accidently deactivated all logging in makefile...
      added Readme about new logger
      running indent...
      Fix wrong order of "drop tc" checks in olsr_input_tc
      FIX: segfault in neighbor/neighbor-2 table
      Minishell for accessing txtinfo through sshd/dropbear
      Removed print_package.c, it does not even support ETX. Use tcpdump instead.
      FIX: parse log source "ALL" correctly
      Add contrib/txtinfoshell/txtinfo-sh to .hgignore
      FIX: headers of txtinfoshell contribution
      FIX: ignore UNSPEC link for linktype if there is an ASYM/LOST/SYM Link in the same Hello message
      FIX: gcc options with debug set
      FIX: ignore UNSPEC_LINKS during MPR lookup
      Fix error output for debug parameter
      First version of new http/txt server for OLSR.
      Fix small explanations in makefile and in release-howto
      FIX: segfault during neightable timer cleanup
      remove debugging output
      Add generic processing duplicate detection
      More work for the new debuginfo plugin
      Add pktstat command to debuginfo
      Another mayor cleanup for neighbor/neighbor2 data.
      Remove two_hop_neighbortable.[ch]
      Move from fixed cookie array to dynamic tree
      Put MPRSet capabilities into neighbor table.
      Fix type in debuginfo plugin
      Introduce LOG_INTERFACE category for logger
      Mofify topology db to create "virtual" edges for every tc entry
      Fix cleanup in duplicate set
      FIX for modified topology db
      Remember IPs of interfaces going down to filter incoming hello neighbors
      FIX for chaining commands in telnet-server
      Remove IPC interface
      Remove Olsrd host emulation code
      Version 6 plugin loader (dynamic loading/unloading, static linking of plugins, easier interface)
      Cleanup makefile and add <plugin>_install targets
      Remove copy of lq_etx_ff plugin from default code and replace it with static linking
      Remove all float values from olsr_cnf
      easier support for plugins without parameters
      Convert lq_etx_float to new plugin system
      Convert etx_lq_fpm plugin to new plugin interface
      Convert lq_rfc plugin to new plugin interface
      serialized LQ data is not always 4 bytes long, so we need a function to precalculate message length
      Add cleanup code for html/telnet server
      Free interface correctly when removed
      FIX: floatingpoint-text to uint32 conversion
      Remove fprintf debug output
      Fix array out of bounds error in parser
      Fix for etx-fpm metric plugin
      Improved duplicate/sequencenumber handling. Small change in message handler callback (added argument)
      Include default "/" command into telnet server
      FIX small bugs in MID deserialization and tc deserialization
      Update plugin loader infrastructure to sane callbacks
      Change lqplugin system so plugins can have multiple values for each link (not only lq/nlq)
      Merged with concurrent change
      Remove unsused code from defs.h
      Move TC/MID/HNA timings to global section (windows version is untested !)
      FIX for timing refactoring
      Another bunch of fixes for the timer refactoring (damn it)
      Unify MID generation and put it into mid_set.c
      unify HNA generation and put it into hna_set.c
      unify tc-generation and put it into tc_set.c
      add tc fragmentation support again
      remove local tc/mid/hna timer from win32 code
      move ansn handling into tc_set.c
      remove ttl_intex from interface (not used anymore)
      Cleanup Hello generation and move it into link_set.c
      We only need a hello/tc parser for the IDs given by the active lq-plugin
      Some compiler fixes for win32
      Cleanup in lq_packet.h
      Fix several memory leaks and a locking inconsistency in mid_set for tc-entries
      Small bugfix for txtinfo
      Optimize handling of unused logging
      Cleanup hna-timeout when removing entry
      Accept \r, \n and \\ in user defined templates for txtinfo
      Large cleanup patch...
      Run code formatter on obamp plugin
      Fix spelling in config parser output
      Fix bug in fisheye rewrite
      Throw error message when using wrong logging parameter
      Fix txtinfo2 link command
      Allow parameters for '/' telnet commands
      Fix wrong numbering of OLSR message types
      Implement http2telnet gateway
      Fix small bug in http2telnet gate
      Http error codes and messages for http2telnet bridge
      bugfix for txtinfo template parser and echo telnet command
      bugfix for telnet interface timeout
      Cleanup for avl_insert()
      Fix segfault in tc-set if olsrd is stopped before seeing a single node
      Fix bug in olsr_set_timer()
      Obamp Data len field needed a 16 bit counter, 8 bit was too small to carry more than 256 bytes
      Fixed a bug about the size of the OBAMP data messages
      Remove IPC part of config parser, it's not used anywhere
      Refactor include commands
      Fix Buffer overflow in http server
      Update makefile to GIT command
      Add generic html-header reader to http server
      Add support for custom http_contenttype in response
      Refactoring of http-servercore
      Fix warnings if compiled without DEBUG logging
      Fix an evil segfault bug in query string parser for http
      Fix segfault if http/telnet port is not available
      Merge branch 'master' into http-server
      HTTP-headers are case insensitive, even in the first line
      Lots of work, no result
      Basisfunktionen gehen !
      Refactor v6 pluginloader to clean up callback names (init/enable/disable/exit)
      Fixes for OBAMP and MDNS plugin
      Some refactoring in HTTP query parser
      Cleanup of messageparser callback interface
      Use two sockets, one for input and one for output bound to the outgoing IP.
      Fix some typos to allow compilation of BSD again
      One vtime timer for each mid entry instead of for the whole MID alias list
      Fix some small problems with GCC 4.4.1
      Bugfix for netlink code
      Merge branch 'http-server'
      Fix comment for static http test site ACL
      Merge branch 'master' of git://olsr.org/olsrd
      Port from stable: b9aa2d213a7020fd6153c426bc55b77eaf0dd35b
      Set sane prefixlength for bogus netmasks (max length prefix)
      Push parser fix by Jonathan P. Chapman <(spam-protected)>
      Fix timer multiplier (unnecessary, constant is already in ms)
      Cleanup and fix for compile errors
      Convert scheduler flag to boolean
      Small cleanup for duplicate set
      Merge branch 'master' of git://olsr.org/olsrd
      Silence compiler warning in cl_roam plugin
      Fix a segfault for fast changing meshs
      Send SEVERITY_DEBUG messages as "LOG_INFO" to syslog (issue #8)
      Fix for logging change earlier this week
      Prevent segfault during clearing screen.
      Fix segfault in cfg parser with empty interface block (issue #9)
      Massive refactoring of topology handling.
      export olsr_neighbor_cost_may_changed() ini lq_plugin.h
      remove valgrind debugging output
      Revert "remove valgrind debugging output"
      Remove valgrind debug message
      experimental: Allow asymmetric edges in topology
      Fix summary of txtinfo topology (no more common costs)
      Small fixes for comport_txt handling
      Add gcc hardening options to OLSRd makefile
      Merge branch 'master' of http://olsr.org/git/olsrd
      Set version to pre-0.7.0
      Always connect tc_edges, even for local ones
      Revert "Fix segfault in cfg parser with empty interface block (issue #9)"
      Second attempt to fix segfault happening with an empty interface section (see issue #9)
      Push olsr avl_comparators out of avl.c/h to prepare for new avl library
      Squashed commit of the following:
      Some more simplifications in OBAMP plugin
      Squashed commit of the following:
      Move the rest of the OLSR AVL comparators to the avl_olsr_comp file.
      Fix small bugs from avl/list integration
      Don't remove key from AVL node when deleting node from tree
      Merge branch 'master' of git://olsr.org/olsrd
      Simplify interface variables... BSD/Win32 broken, will follow this evening
      Merge branch 'master' of git://olsr.org/olsrd
      Fix BSD compile errors from last commit
      Fix compile bugs for win32
      Add eclipse project files to gitignore
      Move more interface code into machine independent core
      More work on interface/socket cleanup
      Move tc/hna/mid timings out of interface section in the default config files
      Simplification of timer and memory cookie interface.
      Switch off hardening if debug mode is active
      scheduler: Custom additions to memory cookies
      Remove debug code fragment from cookie manager refactoring
      Some patches for the new custom cookie manager.
      Bugfix for the help command of the telnet server. Fixes bug #0000014
      Fix for bug #15
      rename getsocket() to getsocket4(). Add getsocket46() inline function.
      First part of OS-specific interface cleanup.
      Port all olsrd 0.6.0 OS specific files and adapt them to the new interface.
      More cleanup of OS-specific interface, this times with win32
      Push timing functions into OS-dependent core (preparation for simulation core)
      Include join_mcast() into os_socket_set_olsr_options()
      Move close() to os_close()
      Convert dotdraw and httpinfo to os_close
      More OS interface cleanup
      Move Logging initialization just after config parsing
      Move exit() into os dependent interface as os_exit(). Add os_arg() hook to allow os code to read and manipulate command line arguments.
      Merge branch 'master' of http://olsr.org/git/olsrd
      Simplify interface to syslog
      Bugfix for interface refactoring
      Fix for refactored logging function
      Convert debuginfo to new plugin api
      Several small refactorings. Split log-group of network scheduler and timer scheduler
      Refactor getsocket interface
      Fix memory leak
      Fix for avl comparators
      Update to new avl/list iteration macros
      Update avl/list implementation
      Fix bug in glibc in IPTOS_CLASS(x) macro (netinet/ip.h file)
      Convert dotdraw plugin to new interface
      Bugfix for multicast join in linux, preparation for NHDP code
      fix for GCC 4.5 compiler warning
      export all functions from ip_prefix handling
      More missing exports in scheduler.h
      Fix (and improve) error message if bind to interface fails
      Update avl implementation to current packetbb version
      Convert arproaming plugin to olsr_ip_addr usage
      Convert arproaming plugin to OLSR list macros
      Convert arproaming plugin to binary mac storage
      Style changes for arproaming plugin
      Cleanup init/exit of arproaming plugin
      Fix buildbreak in arproaming plugin (introduced by cleanup)
      Update to current avl implemention
      Generic callback support
      Add comments to callbacks api
      Fix segfault in arproaming plugin (introduced by cleanup)
      Small fix in callback system
      Prevent recursive use of callbacks
      Activate callback code early during startup (end call cleanup late)
      Only call callback if pointer not equals NULL
      Cleanup of plugin loader (v6) interface
      Fix bug in parser introduced by GCC fix
      Cleanup of memory cookie system. Changed name from "cookie" to "memcookie".
      Fix some build breaks with REMOVE_LOG_... in core
      Namespace cleanup of scheduler, remove "polling" sockets
      Split scheduler into olsr_timer and olsr_socket
      More timer and socket cleanup
      Cleanup of olsr_socket API interface
      Convert olsr_timer_entry from avl to list (no lookup necessary at all)
      Remove some unused code and move some funtions to other files to make them static.
      Cleanup initialization and remove lq_dinter option
      Remove second part of dijkstra limit option
      Copy some sane default settings from stable branch
      Debuginfo allows access to current logging output through telnet.
      Copy some sane default settings from stable branch
      Debuginfo allows access to current logging output through telnet.
      Merge branch 'master' into scheduler_cleanup
      Rename olsr_time.[ch] to olsr_clock.[ch]
      Move clock management functions to olsr_clock.[ch]
      Normalize olsr_clock namespace
      Move mainloop into main to kill dependency between socket and timer scheduler
      Normalize socket scheduler interface
      Move other clock string generation to olsr_clock.c
      Put includes necessary for code files into code files, not in central headers
      Don't stop reading/writing a comport stream because of a EINTR error
      Cleanup logging system so it can be used by the config parser
      Fix for logger cleanup commit
      Remove olsrd executable at the beginning of compilation.
      Merge branch 'master' into scheduler_cleanup
      Rename walk_timers to olsr_timer namespace
      Move text data about logging to olsr_logging.[ch] and text data about interfaces to interfaces.[ch]
      Add missing include
      Update to Olsrd-common version of src/common
      Add missing olsr_timer_remove() function to olsr_timer implementation
      Transform avl key into const void *
      Merge branch 'scheduler_cleanup'
      Bugfixes for ansn handling
      Handle asymmetric information more cleanly...
      Fix handling of alias interfaces
      Fix segfault
      Fixes for DEBUG=0
      Cleanup in basic OLSRd framework
      small buxfix in memcookie cleanup
      Split LOG_SOURCES into olsr_logging_sources to make it easier to use olsr_logging somewhere else
      Fix segfault in if-down path
      Some compiler fixes for win32... still need more work in the os_ interface
      Handle broken links better
      Add neigh2 command to txtinfo
      Fix MPR calculation... at least make it possible to work in theory.
      Add neigh2 command to txtinfo and fix neigh command
      Try to fix "duplicate packet incoming" problem.
      Set default willingness to 3
      Fix win32 compile
      Set feature macros
      Fixes for space optimized code
      Merge branch 'master' into stable

Jo-Philipp Wich (6):
      add openwrt feed
      build olsrd out of cloned feed source, use local date and git hash as version
      remove extra subdirectory
      change Makefile paths accordingly
      Move package back into subdir or it will appear as openwrt, add README
      olsrd: fix stack corruption in net_output()

Joerg Pommnitz (1):
      set the IPv6 hop limit (aka ttl) for outgoing packets to 1.

John Hay (3):
      Make it compile again on FreeBSD after the syslog changes.
      FreeBSD-current does not have RTF_CLONING anymore.
      Fix IPv6 route adds on FreeBSD and other BSDs.

L. Aaron Kaplan (14):
      added initial lq metric howto. Let the metric magic begin!
      fix problem on OS X: no packets where sent out.
      moved README to the proper destination
      Make tip compile on OpenBSD.
      As requested...
      correct it on windows
      in_addr_t does not exist in windows
      olsr_exit() has only one parameter.
      BSD was still using the OLSRPORT #define. Make it clean and introduce it everywhere.
      we were missing an #include "olsr.h". Otherwise there was a buildbreak since it did not know the olsr_exit() function in Mac OS X.
      just some notes
      add some more documentation to olsr_callback.h and clarify some printfs
      initial README version
      re-format, better intro description

Lars Kruse (1):
      bugfix: set_nameservice_float() writes a float, not a double.

Markus Kittenberger (40):
      Add RtProto support for the new config parser
      FIX: some range tests and malloc spam in config parser (by henning)
      delete only all links of an interface instead of all links of interfaces having the same ip, when an interface goes down
      etx values < 0.1 are displayed incorrectly in lq_plugin_default_ff, as no leading zeroes are added to the fraction part
      removed an invalif printf type flag
      experimental patch to remove kernel routing table errors, and speed up succesful route insertion via alias ips of new neighbours
      Add OlsrPort to olsrd.conf manual page
      add missing xml source file for olsrd.conf manual
      add dummy rule if an custom RtTable is used
      missing header of previous patch
      add some missing logger #ifdefs
      delete dummy policy rule
      improved rtnetlink handling for lo:olsr
      logic cleanup in rtnetlink code
      fix issues with rtnetlink rules
      use more appropiate debug/log levels
      rtnetlink: adopting error handling of Network unreachable to work with 2.6 kernels
      serious bug in rtnetlink route exists handling
      fix same for handling of on-the-fly gateway routes
      small fixes in http2telnet bridge
      port combined add/chg routes queue from stable to master
      porting routing code from stable to master (and change many arm-nowarn-alignments)
      change arm-nowarn-alignments in plugins
      remove delete_gw hack
      add rt_table_default sanity-check
      do not accept deprecated interface specific message timings in parser any more
      add interfaces command to txtinfo
      check if interface up & RUNNING
      retry route updates, and failure counter
      remove unneeded return value
      specify gateway (=destination) in routes to direct neighbours, to fix problems with wrong source address selection for traffic routed over such routes by the linux kernel
      add onlink flag to all routes, (experimental)
      remove now obsolete route autogeneration
      remove obsolete policy routing rule warning (obsolete due to onlink)
      small change in text of warning related to errors on add/del a policy rule
      fix typo
      do not use onlink flag, for network routes without gateway (e.g. smartgateway default route via ptp tunnel)
      remove uneeded netlink flags/comments
      Fix Linux kernel version check for >= 3.x.x
      update comment to avoid future bugs in routing code,..

Mitar (2):
      Ignore SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 signals so that plugins can use them.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://olsr.org/olsrd

Raphael Lisicki (21):
      Added initial plugin to allow roaming of a client not using olsrd
      Initial push to github
      Accesing DHCP leases to determine which host to track. Roaming not possible yet, because Nodes do not communicate
      Reads MAC from associated Stations. Need to implement Network-Communication soon
      worst code ever, but it finally works bitches :D
      Changed from arping-results to /proc/-files to determine if station is connected
      really minor performance-improvement
      fixed bug that it does only read the first line of the leasefile
      Leases will propagate throgh the leasefiles
      Bugous leasefile-processing fixed
      fixed this and that. Seems to be fully working now(skype connection survives the handover)
      ping-threads stop and communication between nodes available
      Everything seems to work. Ready for testing.
      Added useful readme
      undo changes in files not belonging to roaming-plugin
      made spf_backoff_timer available to plugins
      increased speed drastically by: 1) recalculation of routes upon arrival of custom message 2) set up a local route, in order to overrule an olsrd-route    fixed trouble with multiple associcated stations
      Reduced dependency on threads by moving towards times (+ regression-testing) and replaced most printf-statements with olsrd-commands
      Fixed a lot of Compiler-warnings, recalculate Routes only when something changed, send multiples update-announcements, implemented relay of update-announcements(still buggy and not used yet)
      Fixed segfault with multiple clients due to uninitialized pointers
      Merge branch 'cl_roam'

Roland Stigge (1):
      Added mips and mips64 to list of -fPIC architectures

Saverio Proto (25):
      Adding first version of the OLSR mdns plugin written by Saverio Proto and
      This patch adds to the mdns plugin the new feature to tune the TTL of OLSR mdns
      This patch fixes the problem of mdns messages not aligned to 4 bytes
      Adding the first implementation of the OBAMP plugin. See README file for documentation.
      relicence mDNS plugin and OBAMP plugin from Saverio Proto and Claudio Pisa to the default olsr.org BSD licence
      Obamp Data Message Sequence Numbers are now checked how described in Chapter
      Fixed a bug on wraparound of sequence numbers of tree create messages
      Fixed a bug, expire tree link if I dont receive anymore tree create messaged from my parent
      Update tree link heartbeat when enabling a tree link
      Fixing a bug in a loop overwriting a value needed for other rounds of the loop.
      Adding some faster default values for OBAMP timers
      fixed a bug on handling of tree create sequence number
      OBAMP: Reset TreeSequenceNumber counter when resetting tree links
      Implemented a new check that discards a OBAMP data packet if a neighbor tries to send us data but we dont have a Tree Link with that neighbor
      Better and faster obamp protocol time settings
      OBAMP: reset tree links if I lose the tree link with my tree parent
      Forwarding tree create messages only if received from parent
      Implemented explicit tear down of tree links
      OBAMP: minor fix
      OBAMP: refresh tree link with parent
      OBAMP: reverting error from previous commit
      OBAMP: unsolicited tree destroy if we dont have a tree link
      OBAMP: fine tuning timers values
      OBAMP plugin: tuning timings parameters

Sven-Ola Tuecke (171):
      Experimental elongation of etx_ff measurement window
      Added LQAlgo to windows GUI
      Revert changes to etx_ff plugin
      Re-enabled and fixed max_jitter resulting in sending out larger OLSR packets
      Fix some syntax quirks preventing the use of gnu-indent
      Harmonize different encodings for Toennesen in order to use gnu-indent
      Fixed more formatting quirks, e.g. ctrl-m in win32 files
      Zapped unnecessary h file
      Andreas has mailed back - so we get rid of the oslash char now
      Re-added optimize flag if NO_DEBUG_MESSAGES=1
      Fix for some windows compile errs
      Changed script for gredler coding style
      Fixed script error
      small fix on top of windows compile fix (2)
      Changed compiler optimize flags
      Harmonize and sync default configs
      Sync windows versions to Makefile
      Added missing MSVC class wizard file
      Added source formatting script - to be used if you want to compare/backport different olsrd source versions
      Added warning to gnu-indent.sh to make sure nobody gets hurt
      Oops: fixed self modification of gnu-indent.sh
      Fix netmask changed showing up every second
      Fix for complaing about ip addr chg
      Repair ipc-msg-tap, repair skip-fwd of msg-input, repair fwd unknown msgs, repair dupfilter
      Win32 compile fixes
      BSD bugfix for alinas ipv6 changes
      Removed the old non-policy routing code
      Another BSD compile fix
      Protect nameservice param struct to gnu-indent
      corrected gnu-indent quirks
      nameservice: added mac address function
      nameservice: added plausicheck for macs
      Removed end-of-line spaces
      Added readme for linux-gtk
      Again removed end-of-line spaces
      replace flex/bison, wave 1
      replace flex/bison, wave 2
      replace flex/bison, wave 3
      replace flex/bison, wave 4
      Changed default of rtproto to 3 (boot)
      oops - I shouldn't remove cfgparser/local.mk
      Fixed some inconsisten init-before-sscanf
      Win32 fixes: different quirks accumulated over time
      Win32 fixes: use CLOSESOCKET to close sockets
      Win32 fixes: adapt temporarily to new config parser
      New config: re-enabled the promised -nofork and -int params
      Statics hunt acquired 10k garbage
      Statics hunt - accidentially disabled -Werror
      Statics hunt: small fix for unused warning
      Statics hunt - zapped some debug
      Sorry, mixed up DEBUG and !NODEBUG as ususal
      Added exports file
      Temporary disable __attribute__((externally_visible)) until it's clear which compiler version is required
      Cleanup for 'slash duplicate remove_interface() code'
      Added script to grab exportable plugin symbols
      oops. exports wrong
      resolve build break when DEBUG is on
      zapped olsr_printf
      Whats wrong with using fixed point math?
      Optimized reltime_to_me
      added an assert to mantissa
      Some more exports
      Remove garbage comment
      Temp bugfix: OLSR_FOR_ALL_SOCKETS looks mispaced, hangs if e.g. txtinfo hook func needs time
      Config parser: gnu indent
      Config parser: line num in errors, fix buffer limits
      Removed end-of-line spaces
      Read config: moved generic funcs to olsr.c, renamed non-generics, added some comments
      Re-acquired man page source as docbook-xml
      Re-generated man pages
      Removed soft hyphens from DocBook
      Docbook makefile: comments
      Fix for utf-8 in HTML output
      Perm fix for misplaced OLSR_FOR_ALL_SOCKETS
      Removed invalid options from default configs
      Changed fix (ee2ce4fc986d) because routes with NULL ifaces are especially interesting in txtinfo and httpinfo
      doc: spellcheck
      doc: reworked manpage olsrd(8)
      doc: reworked manpage olsrd.conf(5), single line opts
      doc: reworked olsr.conf(5)
      doc: some typos olsrd(8)
      doc: completed man pages by adding plugins to olsrd.conf(5)
      Untangle interfaces and olsr_cfg
      Moved remove_interface to main where it belongs
      Reworked olsr_if init during olsr_cfg
      Renamed interface config structs to prevent further mixup of config and phys ifaces
      fix: cleared myself_tc causes oops if main iface comes up again
      Hey henning. I presume you're sitting 25c3/Cellar still hacking things. Pls fetch mail next hour or so.
      Addon for 1eed65a79ced: remove double tc_myself init
      Changed str(n)dup to olsr_str(n)dup, changed cookie-allocs to olsr_malloc to ease memdebug
      cfg parser: some memory fixups, added missing free()ups
      Reworked config parser: slit of over-long main func, de-globalized (no olsr_cfg), fixed cleanup funcs
      Added some de-initializing funcs to plugins, lq_plugins, netfilter, parser
      Moved all LQ algos to plugins, removed config options for that
      Removed olsrd-switch as well as -H (emul interface)
      Removed cfgparser, win32 adaption pending
      Optimize size by using --dynamic-list linker option
      Removed olsrd-pgraph plugin because OLSRConnect.py is lost / plugin is not useful any more
      doc: lq plugins documented
      doc: generated manpages
      Maint default configs
      doc: draft for a credits/history file
      Removed FPM
      Do not exit on unknown options in olsrd.config (compat on deprecated options)
      Removed link to libpthread from daemon.
      doc: added README-metrics.txt as new man page
      Bug: on vpn.berlin.freifunk.net times() return negative value
      Refixed: changed comment and error handling for olsr_times wrapper func
      Refixed2: inlined olsr_times and moved error handling to init
      os dep optimization: small speedup/unbloat on linux
      fbsd: small renaming to make live easier on comparing
      fbsd: compile fix
      removed end-of-line spaces
      fbsd/win32: fixed make to also compile the lq_* plugins
      cfg parser: output warn on stderr for old options, using indent on new parse_cfg_log
      doc: 2nd draft for lq-plugin API man page
      fix: prefix_to_netmask(32) on ipv4 returns err
      Removed superfluous maxplen config var
      Moved olsr_rt_flags() to bsd because it is used only there
      MacOSX: correct build error (from 27ad4ded6848)
      win32: first test, if olsr_cfg can be included/DLL'ed stand alone
      cfg parser: changed exit() into return and msg
      Added a licensing script as preparation of single file copyright block changes
      doc: added emails to history as well as section on licensing
      doc: new metrics man page, removed <> around emails
      win32verify: solved runtime errs on olsr_cfg
      win32verify: small fix
      renamed src/olsrd_plugin.h to src/plugin.h to avoid doubles
      removed olsr_cnf->ip_version from anything the config parser uses
      Removed superfluous olsr_print_cnf()
      doc: small addon to ipversion option
      Removed end-of-line spaces (also from Makefiles)
      Added missing licenses
      Removed end-of-line spaces (from *.nsi and *.cpp)
      added license to files/Makefile, harmonized license titles
      doc: conv HISTORY chapter to man-page to ease converting to ASCII
      doc: re-added link to vxworks branch
      License update in all source files (via license.sh script)
      Updated license.sh script
      Added missing BSD licenses as well as more exceptions
      Updated license.sh script
      Moved packet display options to olsr_cnf
      fbsd: applied gnu-indent to ease comparing
      fbsd: cosmetical changes, sync comments ipv4/ipv6, removed superfluous debug
      fbsd: bugfix for non-vxworks host routes
      Reworked kernel routing
      Corrected funny alignments in httpinfo
      quagga: fixed 'additional' option
      Repair --delgw option
      Fix for oops when removing ip_prefix from list
      dyn_gw_plain: cleanup and reformat
      Include stand-alone config parser in makefile
      Maint for .hgignore file
      Removed End-of-line Spaces
      Win32: compile fix. Note: SEVERITY_ERROR also in windows.h
      Removed superfluous olsr_kernel_del_route6
      fix for last fix: fbsd now compiles
      replaced strcpy, strncat in config parser
      Fix warn_unused_result message
      Re-enabled -Wcast-qual warning (which maybe was disabled because of const char* whoes with some new plugin stuff)
      Silenced alignment warnings when compiling on ARM CPU
      MDNS plugin: Hacked away jet another uninit-warning if DEBUG=0
      Fix a Bus-error condition for and ARM-based mobile
      Fixed SEGV at program end: lq plugin was removed before calling parser_remove_func
      Pre-defined plugin name prevents loading plugin with absolute path
      Fix segv if interrupted shortly after startup
      Missed another plugin-pathname dep. - needs rework anyhow
      Emergency brake for comport-deinit

Vasilis Tsiligiannis (7):
      Sync with git://git.acinonyx.ath.cx/olsrd-quagga.git
      Fix segmentation fault during socket reading
      Fix 'inactive' routes when using 'additional' option
      Fix uninitialized variable warning
      Re-add quagga 0.98.6 patch
      quagga: Fix OLSR recursive nexthop selection
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into stable

aaron (1):
      sanity check for abuf_puts. Fixes bug #0000014

amadeus (1):
      arproaming plugin initial import

(spam-protected) (2):
      fixed windows warnings and build errors
      merged tip

harald (1):
      tc_set.c duplicate_set.c: small bug-fix - case ipv6 - ipwidth 30-->39

(spam-protected) (1):
      add interface to various routing log outputs

(spam-protected) (1):
      add RtProto (config file option) which control which custom proto is used for the kernel routes

(spam-protected) (2):
      Basic implementation of RFC OLSR by a LQ plugin
      Fix some ipv6 bugs

(spam-protected) (1):
      Fix bug in olsr_txt_to_milli()

root (1):
      use correct scope, and beter error msg text

(spam-protected) (1):
      small fix on top of windows compile fix. fixes compile :)


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