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 tagged by  Henning Rogge
        on  Tue Jun 5 20:20:20 2012 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
0.6.3 Release by Henning Rogge
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Ferry Huberts (360):
      PUD: add plugin
      PUD: enable plugin in the Makefile
      PUD: compare i/f name length against max i/f name length
      PUD: introduce dopMultiplier plugin parameter
      PUD: use dopMultiplier plugin parameter
      PUD: fix nodeIdType == 0 outputing IP address i.s.o. MAC address
      PUD: rxBufferPrefixLength is a static const
      PUD: pull txPosition out of PositionAverageList
      PUD: store a PositionUpdateEntry in TransmitGpsInformation
      PUD: get rid of INIT state, just start in MOVING
      PUD: push invalid determination down into txToAllOlsrInterfaces
      PUD: clear distinction between internal and external state
      PUD: introduce positionValid
      PUD: update a function comment
      PUD: de-anonymise some structs
      PUD: rework detemineMoving function
      PUD: always update transmit position when new position is better
      PUD: also do an immediate transmit when we updated the position
      PUD: restart timer on an 'extra' (external) position update
      PUD: move PUD_TX_SENTENCE_VERSION into gpsConversion
      PUD: move nodeIdPreTransmitHook into receiver
      PUD: move NodeIdType into wireFormat
      PUD: improve reset of movement result in detemineMoving
      PUD: de-anonymise some structs
      PUD: make all variables static
      PUD: introduce wireFormat.c
      PUD: clean up includes
      PUD: move PUD_PLUGIN_INTERFACE_VERSION into pudOlsrdPlugin
      PUD: introduce getNodeIdAsNumber
      PUD: rename receive_timer to olsr_tx_timer
      PUD: minor comment fix
      PUD: only use transmitGpsInformation while mutex is locked
      PUD: only do a single loopback
      PUD: debug: only dump packet when sent successfully
      PUD: move OLSR tx timer into timers.{c,h}
      PUD: fix nodeIdPreTransmitHook for MAC address usage
      PUD: remove PUD_HWADDR_SIZE, just use IFHWADDRLEN
      PUD: nmeaTools functions are now part of nmealib
      PUD: use nmea_time_now
      PUD: move nodeId validation into configuration
      PUD: introduce TimedTxInterface
      Merge branch 'stable' into pud
      PUD: fix compilation without debug
      PUD: fix build when PUD_DUMP_GPS_PACKETS_TX_OLSR is defined
      PUD: fix comment in example config file
      PUD: add uninstall target
      Merge branch 'stable' into pud
      PUD: increase the dedup depth
      PUD: add eclipse project files
      PUD: improve makefile
      PUD: further improve Makefile
      Merge branch 'stable' into pud
      PUD: remove unneeded links to library
      PUD: remove git version from makefiles
      PUD: make git version optional
      PUD: update doc makefiles
      PUD: make getNodeInfoFromOlsr a bit more flexible
      PUD: move PUD_OLSR_MSG_TYPE into gpsConversion
      PUD: push olsrMessagePayload determination down into gpsFromOlsr
      PUD: push olsrMessagePayload determination down into getNodeInfoFromOlsr
      PUD: split getNodeInfoFromOlsr
      PUD: add getNodeIdType function
      PUD: fix a comment
      PUD: move (un)likely macros into compiler.h
      PUD: add some comments
      PUD: add getOlsrMessageOriginator function
      PUD: add getOlsrMessageSize function
      PUD: add getOlsrMessagePayload function
      PUD: add getOlsrSockaddrPort helper function
      PUD: add getOlsrSockAddrAndPort helper function
      PUD: update 2 error reports
      PUD: add getNodeIdPointers function
      PUD: remove some unneeded error reports
      PUD: add an assert
      PUD: rename some function parameters
      PUD: add nodeIdType parameter to setupNodeInfoForOlsr
      PUD: move setupNodeInfoForOlsr into gpsConversion
      PUD: remove rx sockets from OLSR when closing interfaces
      Merge branch 'stable' into pud
      Merge branch 'stable' into pud
      PUD: keep version.h in git, preventing a warning
      PUD: always generate a GIT_SHA define in version.h
      parser: fix warnings
      bmf: fix warnings
      Merge branch 'stable' into pud
      spelling: it's 'receiving', not 'recieving'
      PUD: always regenerate version.h
      PUD: fix typo in example configuration
      Merge branch 'stable' into pud
      PUD: add uplink timer
      PUD: add uplink interval parameters
      PUD: add uplink address parameters
      PUD: setup uplink socket when uplink address is configured
      PUD: send position updates over uplink
      PUD: add uplink dumping
      PUD: better definition for UplinkWireFormat
      PUD: we need to transmit IPv4/IPv6 status in the uplink
      PUD: add wireformat libraries
      PUD: add wireformat library to makefile
      PUD: use the wireformat library
      PUD: update eclipse project files
      PUD: implement gateway selection / cluster leader selection
      PUD: make java UplinkMessage Serializable
      PUD: change signature of getPositionUpdateTime method
      PUD: update a comment about UTC time
      PUD: add timezone offset parameter to getPositionUpdateTime method
      PUD: add downlink port to clusterleader message
      PUD: use the MAC address of the OLSR main IP address
      PUD: add AIS MMSI nodeIdType
      PUD: add URN nodeIdType
      PUD: add downlink socket, no handling yet
      PUD: compile fixes for debug defines
      PUD: add mutex to dedup list
      PUD: add isValidNodeIdType function to wireformat library
      PUD: make downlink operational
      PUD: Clear the message before filling it
      PUD: Introduce an extra 'flags' byte in the wire format
      PUD: add wireformat flags field to java library
      PUD: Introduce an extra 'gateway' flag in the wire format
      PUD: put the gateway flag in the NMEA output
      PUD: also put the OLSR originator in the NMEA output
      PUD: update document
      PUD: the downlink port is in network byte order
      PUD: fix a warning
      PUD: fix compiler doing weird type downcasting
      PUD: improve clearing the result in detemineMoving
      PUD: force stationary when the position is invalid
      Merge branch 'stable' into pud
      PUD: the default/initial state is now STATIONARY
      PUD: refactor txToAllOlsrInterfaces
      PUD: start OLSR and uplink tx timers on init
      p2pd: fix IsMulticastv4
      p2pd: fix setting the 'multicast' MAC address for IPv4
      p2pd: remove unused IsBroadcast
      bmf: firm up IsMulticast
      mdns: firm up IsMulticast
      Merge branch 'stable' into pud
      gui: linux: align olsr_ip_addr to olsr definition of it
      linux: tunnel: report tunnel setup too
      smart gateway: fix spelling of 'lazy'
      smart gateway: remove duplicated calls
      smart gateway: remove useless code in smartgw_tunnel_monitor
      smart gateway: all parameters of smartgw_tunnel_monitor are unused
      PUD: update document
      smart gateway: add threshold configuration parameter
      Merge branch 'stable' into pud
      PUD: use downlink socket for sending on uplink
      PUD: improve createDownlinkSocket a bit
      PUD: use em1 interface in config
      PUD: fix java cross compilation
      PUD: fix a doxygen warning
      linux-gtk: .gitignore the compiled program
      linux-gtk: link with libm
      linux-gtk: also remove olsrd-gui on clean
      linux-gtk: include glib.h too
      linux-gtk: fix a warning about a missing break statement
      linux-gtk: link is unused, comment it out
      httpinfo: dynamic_files is only used within the ADMIN_INTERFACE define
      p2pd: dump_packet is only used within the INCLUDE_DEBUG_OUTPUT define
      Merge branch 'stable' into pud
      PUD: remove downlinkPort from UplinkClusterLeader
      PUD: check that smart gateway is active when checking configuration
      PUD: add helper to determine speed on which to choose a gateway
      PUD: also take ourselves into account as potential cluster leader
      Revert "PUD: also take ourselves into account as potential cluster leader"
      PUD: only do an immediate transmit on an external state change
      PUD: update a comment
      PUD: force STATIONARY when the position just became valid
      PUD: default state is STATIONARY
      PUD: do not change state when dealing with invalid positions
      PUD: always transmit last position
      PUD: fix a typo in a comment
      PUD: clarify a configuration setting
      PUD: adjust movingSpeedThreshold configuration parameter
      PUD: adjust dopMultiplier configuration parameter
      PUD: only update version.h when needed
      PUD: cleanup Makefiles
      PUD: do not consider nodes with an infinite ETX as cluster leaders
      PUD: fix some documentation tags
      PUD: put value in union
      PUD: simplify setupNodeIdNumberForOlsrCacheAndValidate a bit
      PUD: add some comments
      PUD: renamed some defines
      PUD: split downlink debugging in rx and tx parts
      PUD: call getTxMcAddr when needed, do not store
      PUD: update a comment
      PUD: rename valueType to nodeIdNumberType
      PUD: store nodeIdNumber as nodeIdNumberType
      PUD: pull getNodeIdAsNumber into setupNodeIdNumberForOlsrCacheAndValidateLongLong
      PUD: rename a function
      PUD: rename a function
      PUD: make getOlsrSockaddrPortAddress like getOlsrSockAddrAndPortAddresses
      PUD: remove superfluous PUD_NODE_ID_TYPE_MAX
      PUD: refactor isValidNodeIdType function
      PUD: rename nodeIdNumberType to nodeIdBinaryType
      PUD: rename 2 variables
      PUD: rename some functions
      PUD: setupNodeIdBinaryLongLong doesn't need valueBuffer parameter
      PUD: increase nodeId cache buffer size
      PUD: fold getNodeIdNumberForOlsrCache into setPositionUpdateNodeInfo
      PUD: rename a function
      PUD: also setup the cache for DNS nodeIdType
      PUD: also setup the binary buffer for DNS nodeIdType
      PUD: refactor setupNodeIdNumberForOlsrCache
      PUD: rename a function
      PUD: fix some comments
      PUD: also put main IP address in cached buffer
      PUD: decouple MAC address retrieval from createOlsrInterface function
      PUD: also setup MAC address in cache
      PUD: minor fix of not using nodeId directly
      PUD: replace inline nodeIdType limits by defines
      PUD: add nodeIdBinaryLength
      PUD: refactor setting of IP address as binary
      PUD: fix some includes
      PUD: update eclipse project files
      PUD: refactor setupNodeIdBinaryLongLong
      PUD: make nodeIdBinary accessible
      PUD: only use setupNodeIdBinaryBufferForOlsrCache
      PUD: remove nodeId cache from wireformat library
      PUD: shift knowledge of nodeId to wireformat library
      PUD: pull nodeIdBinary status information into type
      PUD: remove validity time cache from the wireformat library
      PUD: force moving when gateway is different
      PUD: update sample config
      PUD: initial state is MOVING again
      PUD: initially pick ourselves as the best gateway
      PUD: follow-up for 5addf68
      PUD: pull out clearing the MovementType
      PUD: split movement determination from gateway and position
      PUD: do not keep shadow copies of txPosition and txGateway
      PUD: move a dump outside of a critical section
      PUD: remove unneeded mutex on the position average list
      PUD: add forgotten check for deduplication use in downlink path
      PUD: replace some memcpy's by simple assignments
      PUD: packetReceivedFromOlsr should be unregistered on stop
      PUD: initDeDupList can fail
      PUD: clarify unknown movement forcing STATIONARY
      PUD: fix some documentation tags
      PUD: use mutex on stop
      PUD: change signature of getBestUplinkGateway function
      PUD: store the best gateway in the transmitGpsInformation
      PUD: add gatewayDeterminationInterval configuration parameter
      PUD: determine the best gateway on a regular schedule
      PUD: move getting transmitGpsInformation fields to just before they're used
      PUD: rename a struct field
      PUD: move state determination into its own function
      PUD: rename TristateBoolean enum values
      PUD: rename MovementState enum values
      PUD: rename TimedTxInterface enum values
      PUD: fix clearMovementType
      PUD: add gateway hysteresis configuration parameters
      PUD: put state initialisation in it own function
      PUD: split position and gateway state
      PUD: only reference external state once in txToAllOlsrInterfaces
      PUD: do not change state on unknown movement
      PUD: move state code into its own source files
      PUD: split position and gateway paths
      PUD: update doxygen files
      PUD: cleanup includes
      PUD: fix updating substate related information in transmitGpsInformation
      PUD: pull condition out of doImmediateTransmit
      PUD: rename a field of TransmitGpsInformation
      PUD: consistent use of external state and resulting update interval
      PUD: fix validity time on uplink and reduce lock contention window
      PUD: when gateway changed, always update it on the uplink
      PUD: allow output pointers to be NULL in determineStateWithHysteresis
      PUD: remove debug code
      PUD: make sure horizontal distance is an absolute number
      PUD: include compiler.h where needed
      PUD: remove pointless mutex from dedup
      PUD: remove pointless mutex from receiver
      PUD: remove pointless mutex from state
      Merge branch 'pud' into stable
      PUD: destroyState was removed in c33a5bb
      PUD: replace rt.jar file with ee.j2se.jar
      PUD: the NMEA library has moved
      Makefile: sort pud position in global makefile
      Revert "PUD: packetReceivedFromOlsr should be unregistered on stop"
      PUD: add some includes
      PUD: add positionFile plugin parameter
      PUD: update configuration file
      PUD: check downlink header fields in correct order
      PUD: fix infinite loop on downlink receive errors
      PUD: check type after length in downlink path
      PUD: do not use deduplication in the downlink path
      PUD: generate and provide version in/from Makefile
      PUD: when building from a snapshot, do not complain about git
      smart gateway: replace magic numbers for threshold by defines
      Makefile: split out clean of plugins into separate targets
      Makefile: pud make invocations are silent now
      README-Olsr-Extensions: fixup text for SmartGatewayThreshold
      tas: remove unused forward declaration of olsrd_plugin_register_param
      cfgparser: make sure olsrd_parse_cnf is used consistently
      smart gateway: move GW_DEFAULT_* defines into olsr_cfg.h
      smart gateway: make period and stable count configurable
      PUD: add SmartGatewayPeriod/SmartGatewayStableCount to config
      olsr_switch: do not build unnecessarily
      jsoninfo: fix a warning
      PUD: do not read position file if it did not change
      PUD: update cached mtime right after position file was successfully opened
      PUD: speed up postion file parsing
      smart gateway: add SmartGatewaySpeedFile{,Period} parameters
      smart gateway: hook up SmartGatewaySpeedFile{,Period} parameters
      smart gateway: install default speed configuration file
      PUD: add SmartGatewaySpeedFile{,Period} to config
      Revert "PUD: add SmartGatewaySpeedFile{,Period} to config"
      Revert "smart gateway: install default speed configuration file"
      Revert "smart gateway: hook up SmartGatewaySpeedFile{,Period} parameters"
      Revert "smart gateway: add SmartGatewaySpeedFile{,Period} parameters"
      windows: remove -mno-cygwin option from CFLAGS
      windows: fix warning
      windows: add olsr_switch.exe to ignores
      linux: use /usr/lib64 on 64bit machines if it exists
      PUD: use /usr/lib64 on 64bit machines if it exists
      PUD: do not install headers by default
      PUD: include nmealib v0.6.7
      PUD: add nmealib to build
      Makefile: build pud too on Linux
      jsoninfo: remove unused variable
      Revert "linux: use /usr/lib64 on 64bit machines if it exists"
      PUD: always use /usr/lib for libraries
      license: add a note about nmealib
      PUD: pull in nmealib v0.6.8
      PUD: remove unneeded ignore
      sgwdynspeed: add plugin
      sgwdynspeed: build it by default on linux
      PUD: add sgwdynspeed to configuration
      Makefile: add sgwdynspeed
      contrib: netsimpcap: do not override library path
      contrib: netsimpcap: fix ignore/add missing bin directory
      olsrd: cleanup ignores
      olsrd: split out ignores
      olsrd: fix gui/win32 ignores
      olsrd: fix 'No break at the end of case' eclipse warnings
      PUD: remove eclipse project files
      PUD: import nmealib v0.6.9
      PUD: improve build integration of nmealib
      httpinfo: add position information tab
      httpinfo: duplicate nmea_INFO_has_field: avoid nmealib dependency
      httpinfo: fix a segfault when PUD is not loaded
      PUD: fix printf based warning
      win32: fix uninitialized variable when building with DEBUG=0 OPTIMIZE=-O2
      Makefile: WARNINGS: add -Wdouble-promotion
      Makefile: WARNINGS: add -Wformat-security
      Makefile: WARNINGS: add -Wformat-y2k
      Makefile: WARNINGS: add -Winit-self
      Makefile: WARNINGS: add -Wswitch-default
      Makefile: WARNINGS: add -Wsync-nand
      Makefile: WARNINGS: add -Wundef
      Makefile: WARNINGS: add -Wlogical-op
      Makefile: WARNINGS: add -Wjump-misses-init
      Makefile: WARNINGS: add -Wtrampolines
      Makefile: WARNINGS: add -Wunused-parameter
      defs: only define ARRAYSIZE when needed
      win32: only declare struct timespec when needed
      olsr_switch: add -DNO_OLDNAMES to CFLAGS
      linux: net: fix some typos
      sgw: update gw_def_finished_ipv{4,6} determination
      Makefile: take pud and sgwdynspeed out of default compile

Hans-Christoph Steiner (35):
      updated 'android/regex/' source directly from Android's sources (also OpenBSD-derived)
      updated Android build to use "gcc --sysroot" technique, first available in NDKr4
      first working script to setup wifi interface into ad-hoc mode for olsrd on GNU/Linux
      also try configuring ad-hoc after interface is up, if not already in ad-hoc mode (some hardware requires this)
      updated Linux ad-hoc setup script to associate to existing cells rather than only a hard-coded BSSID
      included MinGW build instructions for Windows/Win32
      copy txtinfo plugin to create template for new jsoninfo plugin
      change default port to 9090 (which is used for JSON-RPC)
      ran "astyle --style=linux --indent=spaces=2" and manually laid out code
      made naming consistent across commands, macros, variables, and functions
      laid out JSON functions and converted to printing JSON headers and footers
      always output VTIME validity time info
      converted 'interfaces' to JSON
      added 'gateways', 'twohop', and 'interfaces' to 'status' command, replacing old 'all' command
      renamed abuf_json_key_* functions to abuf_json_* for clarity: all data needs a key
      merged 'twohop' into 'neighbors' and converted to full JSON
      converted 'links' to JSON
      converted 'routes' to JSON
      converted 'topology' to JSON
      converted 'hna' to JSON
      converted 'mid' to JSON
      if requesting all status, then return everything as a JSON array
      convert abuf_json_int() to write out long ints to represent all the int types used in olsrd
      add 'olsrd.conf' method to give complete, generated olsrd.conf contents (i.e. txtinfo's /config)
      add 'plugins' and 'config' method to output info parsed from olsrd.conf as JSON
      output any combo of commands as a JSON array (except 'olsrd.conf' which is the conf file format)
      rename 'msValid' JSON key to 'validityTime' for clarity
      convert 'gateways' to JSON
      jsoninfo: document the existing command set
      jsoninfo: convert costs to ints, ditch get_linkcost_text() calls, replace infinite with *_COST_BROKEN
      (android/README) added Android build instructions
      android: fix minor error in README about the make command line
      jsoninfo: add /startup and /runtime groupings and wrap everything in a JSON block with a timestamp
      jsoninfo: add example jsoninfo block to files/olsrd.conf.default.full
      jsoninfo: updated README with new /runtime and /startup scheme

Henning Rogge (14):
      Update version to pre-0.6.3
      Add config option SetIpForward to allow preventing manipulation of ip_forward proc variable
      Remove PUD-plugin from build_all on linux
      Do not commit pud version, it changes every build
      Applied change by Hans-Christoph Steiner <(spam-protected)>
      Applied patch by Hans-Christoph Steiner
      Applied patch by Hans-Christoph Steiner
      Applied patch by Hans-Christoph Steiner
      Applied patch by Hans-Christoph Steiner
      Removed LINUX_NETLINK_ROUTING define and the old ioctl based route setting
      Use __ANDROID__ instead of "android" for preprocessor
      Fix problem with network byte order in secure plugin
      Fix type in gtk gui
      0.6.3 Release

Markus Kittenberger (6):
      do not (falsely) rely on NLFM_REPLACE with fib_metric != FLAT
      consolidate comments regarding if olsrd has to delete, or can rely on routes getting overwritten
      fix bsd RTM_GATEWAY routing flags detection
      one line was missing
      do not restore proc values which required no changes on startup
      small fix for SetIpForward cmdline option

Saverio Proto (2):
      txtinfo plugin: query /version URL to have olsrd version printed out
      Cosmetic changes to patch at txtinfo plugin that prints version string

Vasilis Tsiligiannis (9):
      Fix metric parsing for Quagga 0.99.x (thanks Jon Andersson)
      Add support for new zebra protocol version used by Quagga 0.99.21
      Remove Quagga 0.99.18 patch
      Do not patch tests on Quagga 0.99.21
      Add support for 'HELLO' command sent to zebra on connect/reconnect
      Add missing declaration of zebra_hello()
      olsrd-quagga: Exit if unsupported packet version is selected
      olsrd-quagga: Fix 'maybe-uninitialized' warnings
      olsrd-quagga: Fix indentation of source files


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